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The Wonderful Diving Sites in Boracay

The Wonderful Diving Sites in Boracay

Boracay is a famous tourist destination in the Philippines with its white sandy beaches, clear blue waters, world-class beach resorts, and places of entertainment. Boracay is considered as an island paradise. Diving is one of the favorite activities that tourists do in Boracay.

There are a number of dive sites present in Boracay. The dive sites are situated at the north and south ends of Boracay. Many wonderful and interesting marine life can be found in the dive sites. The following are among the famous dive sites in Boracay.

Bel-at Beach – The Bel-at Beach dive site in Boracay has amazing soft and stony corals with gorgonians along the wall of the reef. Just be aware of the rough and strong water current of the dive site. Common reef fishes can be found at Bel-at Beach dive site. Large sea creatures like Whitetip and Grey Reef Sharks can sometimes be seen.

Yapak One and Two – The dive site in Boracay that can give any diver an exciting dive. The reef wall are covered with gorgonians, sponges, soft corals, and Linchia starfish. Grey and Whitetip Reef Sharks, Manta and Eagle Rays, and Hammerhead Sharks are common sight in the dive site. Tuna, barracuda, snappers, and other reef fishes are abundant.

Punta Bonga – The reef wall of the dive site connects to the Bel-at and Yapak dive sites in Boracay where soft corals grow. The dive site is full of unique marine life like sea cucumbers, butterflyfish, sea stars, angelfish, and more.

Baling Hai Beach – The dive site in Boracay that is abundant of coral gardens that has leathery, soft, and Acropora table corals. Various species of reef fish are abundant in the dive site.

Friday’s Rock – The dive site in Boracay where a diver can experience the beauty of sea wildlife because of the presence of the many variety of reef fishes with Lagoon Rays and moray eels.

Lobster Rock – The dive site that is best for a night dive where exotic marine life can be seen such as spiny lobsters, sergeant majors, and shrimps.

Greenyard and Angol – The dive site that is best for beginner divers and also for snorkeling. The gentle slope of the dive site has the presence of stony corals, clownfishes in the anemones, and other variety of reef fishes.

Crocodile Island – A famous and favorite dive site at the south end of Boracay. The dive site looks like a crocodile from afar and has the presence of canyons, caverns, shallow corals gardens, and vertical wall. The marine life of the dive site is very diversified that a diver will definitely enjoy and love diving in.

Boracay is not just perfect for all-night partying or relaxing under sun in the beach but also for diving because the dive sites are truly splendid and rich with amazing and wonderful marine environment.

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