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Absolutely No Traffic Travel Tip

Absolutely No Traffic Travel Tip

How about a metro travel from Manila to Laguna, going through 6 cities in a little over an hour, absolutely free from traffic? Impossible? Not with this new travel option which was inaugurated last February 14, 2007. MRT? MRT is fast all right, but it’s not MRT. It’s the Pasig River Ferry Service.

But Pasig smells awful. They tried ferry travel before and it didn’t work—passengers complained of catching the Pasig River’s smell after a ride. Well, accordingly, this new ferry service, launched into operation by President Gloria Arroyo herself, solves the smell debacle by having the catamaran-type ferries fully air conditioned. This ensures a cool, refreshing, and fast travel option from Manila Bay to Laguna Bay, 27 kilometers in all, within an hour or so.

Pasig Ferry Service is a river travel option with some 9 ferries plying the Pasig River route. To get from Manila to Laguna, instead of a traditional travel route taking EDSA and the South Luzon Expressway or the coastal road, this new river travel option bypasses all major routes and their choke points by circumscribing them. The river route passes 14 river stations, 4 of which have been recently built.

Newly built river ferry stations of this travel option are in Sta. Ana and in Lambingan, Manila; one in Baranagy Hulo, Mandaluyong; and on in Guadalupe, Makati. The rest are Escolta, Mexico Plaza, one near Quezon Bridge, one at Polytechnic University of the Philippines, another in Valenzuela in Makati, one each in Sta. Elena and Marcos Bridge in Marikina, one each in San Joaquin and Caniogan both in Pasig City and finally in Napindan in Taguig.

Okay, so we’re safe from Pasig River stench inside the ferry. How about the stations? Reportedly, the stations are air conditioned also to seal off any odor leak. So there should be no more travel worries, this time around, about any disgusting reek attaching onto clothes. It is a travel option with smooth sailing in cool and fresh-smelling circulating air.

The Pasig River ferry travel passes through different urban scenes of the metropolis and gradually eases out to the slightly rural scenes of Cavite and Laguna. This travel option is an attraction, not only for those who want to skip traffic especially in rush hours, but for curious commuters who have never seen how Metro Manila looks like from the Pasig river beds.

A travel option that arouses curiosity is the Pasig River Ferry Service. It quickly snakes through 6 cities bypassing road traffic and city pollution.

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