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Laoag Shopping

Laoag Shopping

One of the most visited and progressive areas in Ilocos Norte, Laoag features fine and comfortable shopping places where residents and tourists can buy affordable merchandises. People can have an enjoyable and relaxing time inside the inviting malls in the area because these feature modern facilities. Customers who want to buy fresh vegetables, fruits and meat can always go to wet and dry markets in the city. To buy attractive and cheap keepsakes, tourists are encouraged to check out the products available at some of the popular souvenir shops in Laoag.

The City Market

Foreigners and local tourists who want to taste the delicacies at Laoag should visit the City Market because it has numerous food stalls that sell delicious treats like baradibud, bagnet and empanada. Inside the commercial market, people can find stores that offer fresh seafood, meat and fruits. In addition, this establishment assigns a secluded area for the dry market where people can purchase some of the basic needs that they need at home. The dry market also features retail shops that offer cheap accessories, footwear and clothes. Moreover, this Laoag shopping place sells handicrafts and native products like beautiful bags as well as attractive home decorations.


Travelers who like to buy affordable keepsakes that were created and manufactured by residents in the area should take a look at the items offered at Sarusar. Located inside the premises of Museo Ilocos Norte, this Laoag shopping place is easy to situate. Some of the merchandises available at this simple souvenir shop are key holders, souvenir t-shirts, chimes, ashtrays and rings. The items usually cost 100 pesos to 200 pesos. Aside from the native products, this establishment sells some of the famous delicacies in the City like basi and bagoong for the price range of 50 pesos to 300 pesos.

SM City

One of the popular and convenient Laoag shopping complexes, SM City offers numerous high quality merchandises to customers. This establishment features retail stores that sell footwear, toys, souvenir items, apparels and clothing accessories. Additionally, the mall assigns a special place where shoppers can find and purchase brand new mobile phones and other electronic gadgets like Sony PSPs. To attract more customers, SM City plays home to appliance stores, home improvement establishments and computer shops. To have a nice and enjoyable time at this mall, customers can have some refreshments at fast food shops and restaurants. Finally, shoppers will not have problems about transportation because there are jeepney and taxi terminals just outside this establishment.

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