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Laoag Government Sites

Laoag Government Sites

The Gleaming Gem of Ilocos Region

Laoag City, a lively and energetic development core in the northern part of the Philippines, is definitely a one of kind destination or spot that offers delightful surprises, panoramic sand mounds, flourishing plant life, picturesque beaches, cultural and historical sites. The place is certainly a must for tourists and visitors a like. The industry of tourism in Laoag City has been recognized and awarded several times for obvious reasons.

Location and Best Spots

Laoag City is more or less 500 kilometers away north of Metro Manila and six (6) hours away from the Philippines’ Summer Capital, Baguio City. One of the noted landmarks of Laoag City is the Saint William Cathedral’s bell tower which is also known as the Sinking Bell Tower. The Tobacco Monopoly Monument and the Iloko Museo are spots that should not be missed as well. Laoag City’s location is very strategic to tourism because of its surrounding area.

These sites are must-see for visitors and tourists alike. Tourist sites Karinking Falls of Solsona, Badoc Island, Kaangriyan Falls of Burgos, Patapat Viaduct and Kaibigan Falls, Maira-ira Cove, Coral Formations of Currimao, Paoay Coral Cliffs and Paoay Lake National Park, Santa Monica Church, Bacarra Belfry, Burgos Lighthouse, San Agustin Church and the Suba Sand Dunes never fail to amaze tourists who love nature and value cultural heritage. As for information, the city of Laoag is the gateway of tourism to the North Luzon Tourism Hub and Growth Quadrangle.

The Center of Trade and Commerce of the Ilocos Norte

Laoag City Commercial Complex is one of the business monument of Laoag City that showcases Ilocano trade and products like Sukang Iloko, Longanisa, Bagnet, Inabel and various local products. As the trading capital of Ilocos Norte, business related establishments are thriving and flourishing in the city.

Moving Forward to the Future

The progress of economic stability and the industry of tourism of the city of Laoag have been made ‘accessible’ by just doing some few clicks browsing the internet. The local government of Ilocos Norte, particularly of the Laoag City made use of the power of networking through the internet. Laoag City official website (http://www.laoagcity.gov.ph/) is filled with noteworthy historical and cultural write ups and real-time or updated information regarding the city.

Checking the site as a tourist or an entrepreneur, checking the website is definitely the best thing to do or consider. Through the World Wide Web or the internet, the Sparkling Gem of Ilocandia is just a few clicks away.

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