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Going to the Beach

Going to the Beach

There are several ways to turn your day to a new one. But the best way is to travel.  Yes, going to places, meeting new people will sometimes relieve the boredom that we feel.

The beach is one of the best places to go during the summer. There is nothing on this earth that can be as rewarding and adventurous than a trip to the ocean. One can easily re-charge your batteries with a vacation to the many beaches of the Philippines. So pack your summer outfit and don’t forget to bring your suntan lotion with you.

People love to go out with the family to the beach. They get a chance to bathe in the sun, go fishing, or just enjoy the view. For many tourists in the Philippines who love the climate here, these islands are like a paradise. With 7107 islands, there are plenty of beaches you can explore.
With all the fun that we get to see, hear and experience, we still have to be on the lookout for those guys who feed on the ignorance of others. There are the scammers who would take advantage of the tourists’ divided attention. There are also recent reports of kidnapping among wealthy tourists who are unaware of the perils that await them. These kidnappers, scammers, and thieves prey upon the innocent like the sharks in the open water.
For these kinds of people, conscience is nothing compared to the hungry stomachs that they have to feed everyday. To prevent these dangerous people from preying on you, you must scout the area of interest first. Stick to the main beaches on these islands such as Puerto Gallera, Subic Bay, Boracay, Palawan, and more. These areas are more than safe and millions of tourists visit and enjoy their vacations trouble free.
Now that we have been warned, let’s talk about the things we need to prepare before going to the beach.
Money, transportation, and shelter are very important. With money, we can get to travel without the need to acquire a car of our own. Traveling by bus is usually cheaper than having to pay for your own gas.  By getting on the bus you spare yourself the trouble of mapping out where you have to go. You also get a chance to take some fancy snap pictures while on the trip.
Now, a place to stay should also be planned in advance, we don’t want to stay out too late at the beach and later find out we don’t have a place to take a nap right? Research the hotels and places to stay before your trip to take the guess work out of your vacation.

Enjoy life, travel once in a while, see life up close.

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