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Manila Destination Guides

Manila Destination Guides


Manila is usually the entry point to the Philippines for tourists. From the plane, one will see the towering skyscrapers of the commercial business districts and a city that is well into progression. While there are other places in the Philippines that one should visit, while in Manila, take in the sights and sounds of this thriving city and go to Manila destinations frequented by tourists.

Manila Ocean Park

Themed after the Ocean Park in Singapore, the Manila Ocean Park is one of the biggest oceanariums in the whole of Southeast Asia. Found very close to the Quirino Grandstand, this theme park that showcases marine creatures was built on some 80,000 sq feet of land. Fishes are not the only things to see at the Manila Ocean Park, the Bahura reefs are also on display here and there are replicas of different corals found in the country. When at this Manila destination, one will be amazed by the Living Ocean, which is a walk through a tunnel that is surrounded by an aquarium. Fishes swim freely above and on one’s side at the Living Ocean of the Manila Ocean Park including several species of sharks and sting rays. There is also a small pool at this Manila destination where one can dip one’s feet in and the small fishes swimming in it will nip away at dead skin cells. Not to worry though, this is not painful and is very useful in helping the skin cells regenerate. The Manila Ocean Park also has a shells museum where collections of different types of shells found in the Philippines are on display, contributed by resort owners. The Manila Ocean Park is a great Manila destination for families and young children.

Luneta Park

The national hero of the Philippines, Dr. Jose P. Rizal was executed at the Luneta Park. Dr. Rizal wanted equal opportunities for Filipinos and fought a long battle of words with the Spaniards so that his fellowmen be educated as well. Luneta Park is a massive national park where one can take a stroll or visit other attractions such as the lake, the gardens, the monuments and the Planetarium. One will notice that at this Manila destination, the statue of Dr. Rizal is guarded by two soldiers around the clock. Luneta Park provides a means to get in touch with nature while in the middle of the metropolis. The Chinese Gardens should also be visited when at this Manila destination. Learning about the solar system has never been as fun as visiting Luneta Park’s Planetarium. Luneta Park provides a whole day fun for the entire family.

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