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Baguio Sightseeing Guide

Baguio Sightseeing Guide

Cool mountain air in precipitous settings often marked by sights of low clouds caught in clusters of tall pines. This mostly characterizes sightseeing in Baguio City. But this is not all. To maximize a Baguio tour here is a Baguio sightseeing guide.

Baguio is among popular tourism centers in the north which is dominated by Ilocano-speaking folks both from Baguio itself and the nearby lowlands. So it would do well to take along an Ilocano-speaking tour companion or a Baguio sightseeing guide, perhaps a relative or friend, to enjoy the City of Pines more.

If there’s nobody available, just make sure to speak in English when talking to people, tourists or locals. Most conversation in this city is in Ilocano, Tagalog, or English. Only with this Baguio sightseeing guide or tip can tourists and vacationers really enjoy the many scenic spots in the city as well as the anticipated shopping spree.

Be sure to bring petty cash when sightseeing in Baguio. Almost all tourist spots here have souvenir stalls or shops, many of them in colorful clusters that look so appealing they never fail to lure tourists. So instead of sulking in a corner watching in envy other tourists doing their shopping binge, take this advice from this Baguio sightseeing guide and bring cash along and indulge.

The first stop is often Session Road. Most Manila-to-Baguio buses stop at the upper end of this road, or somewhere near. Just ask around the bus station which way to Session Road and it’s likely a few meters away. The next logical stop would be Baguio Cathedral. The entrance to this famous historical church is along Session Road. This practical Baguio sightseeing guide would save visitors’ time.

Then, Burnham Park, which is near the lower tip of Session Road, should be the next stop. Families on vacation in Baguio always enjoy this park where various park leisurely activities like boating, biking, and roaming are available. Then, this Baguio sightseeing guide recommends going to other places outside the city proper, like Mansion House, Mines View Park, and Wright Park, among others.

Whatever tour itinerary visiting folks decide on, they should make it a point not to miss Baguio City market to spend their major shopping spree in (and to buy the crunchiest peanut brittle), Trinidad Valley for fresh hand-picked vegetables and strawberries, Mines View for the best ube jam, the Philippine Military Academy for military souvenirs.

There are a lot more places to see and things to do in Baguio City. However, this Baguio sightseeing guide prioritizes what includes a traditional Baguio tour.

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