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Cagayan de Oro: City of Gold

Cagayan de Oro: City of Gold

A long time ago, this place was thought to have hidden treasure and gold and maybe that was reason enough why people added gold to its name. Cagayan de Oro City is the “Gateway of Northern Mindanao” and interestingly enough, “Oro” means gold. Yet for now, the place is still known for gold, but in a more personal aspect and that would be for its golden friendship. Yes, the city of golden friendship and more.

Cagayan de Oro City, as the capital city of Misamis Oriental and Region X is the center of business and industry of the region. And now, this city has a booming business industry and is predicted to have a very promising future, in a very near future. The business sector is well-complimented by a very supportive political condition, a generally peaceful environment and promising economic development.

The city has pride itself of many attractions ranging from natural, historical and many shopping centers, good hotels, not to mention its interesting night life. Since the place is the entry point of Northern Mindanao, you also have access to all the great beaches and mountain resorts. The people of Cagayan de Oro are well-known to be hospitable and the most friendly among many other regions.

To name a few of this city’s unique traits are the following: White water rafting at Cagayan River; beautiful beaches; the Macahambus Cave, a very prominent historical site; the ocean of pineapples in Manolo Fortich of Bukidnon; the many enchanting waterfalls; and so many more.

The city is also known for having good educational institutions like Ateneo de Cagayan, also known as Xavier University, a school run by Jesuits; Liceo de Cagayan University; Capitol University and many other; and it is one of the reason why it is well sought out by students country wide.

The place is the most peaceful area in Mindanao. The people are kind and friendly, and people from all walks of life co-exist and mingle with each other beautifully. It is the best dwelling place because of its unique geographical area and land formations. The place is conducive for raising a family and growing old with.

Tourists would not regret coming and visiting. Experiencing Cagayan de Oro is a rare experience and is worth more than a treasure of gold. Those who have visited this place once feel like visiting again and again. Maybe, it is the golden ambiance of the place that makes them feel at home or miss the place. And it is a good thing.


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