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Zamboanga Hospitals and Health Care

Zamboanga Hospitals and Health Care

One of the most visited and fast improving cities in Mindanao, Zamboanga City provides inviting and comfortable health care establishments where people can seek high quality medical services. Patients who do not have enough money to pay for expensive medical costs can seek assistance from public Zamboanga hospitals and health care institutions. Aside from these institutions, residents in the city can always go to private medical establishments that feature advance equipment and devices for the diagnosis and treatments of different diseases. Some of the most accessible and popular health care establishments in the city are featured below.

Zamboanga City Medical Center

Zamboanga City Medical Center is a tertiary hospital in the city that offers efficient services to people who need serious medical help. Some of the physicians serving in this health care facility are expert in the fields of pulmonology, surgery, immunology as well as pediatrics. To assist patients who need immediate medical response, this private institution also specializes in emergency medicine. Situated along Governor Lim Avenue, the medical center is very accessible to the different modes of public transportation in the area.

Ciudad Medical Center

Ciudad Medical Center is another inviting and accessible health care facility in Zamboanga that provides quality medical services to patients. Located along San Jose Road, patients will not have difficulty finding the establishment since it is near to various commercial establishments like retail stores and small dining places. To help individuals who need immediate health care assistance, this medical center assigns competitive and responsible medical staff at the emergency room. Additionally, this hospital has spacious wards and air-conditioned private rooms where people with serious illnesses can be admitted. Above all, patients can ask discounts from physicians to lessen their hospitalization bills.

Camp Navarro General Hospital

To accommodate and serve patients who cannot afford to pay for the high medical bills at private health care facilities in Zamboanga, the city government has established the Camp Navarro General Hospital. There are no consultation fees at this place but patients should allot money to purchase the medicines that they need. The physicians serving at the general hospital are competitive, diligent and responsible. Some of the medical professionals working at the establishment have sufficient understanding on family medicine, surgery, emergency medicine as well as obstetrics. To accommodate people who need serious attention from health care professionals, this medical establishment has well ventilated rooms and clean wards. In addition, Camp Navarro General Hospital has advance laboratory equipment.

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