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Iloilo Transportation

Iloilo Transportation


The economic powerhouse of Western Visayas is well known for its massive sugar haciendas, its proximity to Boracay, beautiful white sand beaches and the warmest people. Visiting Western Visayas endows an individual with the richest experience so it’s not a surprise that many people recommend this province for vacations. If one is visiting Iloilo though, it helps to know a little about Iloilo transportation to help one maximize one’s stay here.

Getting to Iloilo

To get to Iloilo faster, it’s best to take a plane especially if coming from Manila and land directly at Iloilo International Airport. This airport was inaugurated fairly recently, only in 2007, and although it acquired the facility of the former airport that served this city for over 70 years, it is now bigger and better. This mode of Iloilo transportation takes less than an hour. What’s good about this airport is that it is connected to the city proper via train and from the city, everything is accessible.

Another way to get to Iloilo is via sea and there are major shipping lines that make trips to Iloilo everyday. Take for instance Super Ferry, WG&A and Negros Navigation. If one is going to avail of this type of Iloilo transportation, one should check out the promotional offers that these shipping lines over t o get the cheapest possible rates.

To one’s surprise, it’s also possible to get to this province via land although be prepared to throw a little over half a day when it comes to travel time. This mode of Iloilo transportation can be availed of if one is working on a budget and there are no promotional offers when it comes to air travel or that done by sea.

Getting Around Iloilo

If one arrived in Iloilo from the airport, aside from the train, there are also shuttle services that will get one to the city. The other modes of Iloilo transportation available to the visitor are jeepneys, tricycles, taxis and buses. The taxi costs about Php170 if one is traveling from the airport to the city. If one has been to Iloilo before and knows where to find a particular place, then the jeepney or the tricycle for short distances is an affordable option. For those who have never been here before but are looking for adventure, then by all means try out the public Iloilo transportation and because the locals are very friendly and accommodating, it’s not a problem to ask about routes.

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