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Bohol Festivals and Events

Bohol Festivals and Events


Bohol festivals are not just colorful events but are also very lively and the best part of the celebration is always the delicious array of food served during the event. In fact, it’s not only the panoramic sites that Bohol brags about, Bohol festivals also draw thousands of this tourists every year to this province.

Sandugo Festival

Bohol has a rich history and the Sandugo Festival is an annual celebration that clearly depicts this. Every March, the Sandugo Festival draws tourist to Bohol since this colorful event is an opportunity to relive a very significant event in Philippine history. This Bohol festival remembers the pact of friendship between the Spaniard Miguel Lopez de Legazpi who conquered the Philippines and the Filipino leader Datu Sikatuna. The Sandugo Festival made a very big impact on the lives of our Filipinos ancestors because this was the starting point for embracing the culture and religion introduced by the Spaniards. Up until this very day, the Spanish influence is still very much alive with every single Filipino. The reenactment of the blood compact is done during the Sandugo Festival and the other activities done on this day are church ceremonies, parades on the streets and various contests are held. There are cooking contests during the Sandugo Festival as well as a beauty pageant.

Bolibong Kingking Festival

The name of this Bohol festival sounds very interesting and so is the event itself. If one thinks hard enough and keep pronouncing Bolibong Kingking Festival, one will realize that it sounds like empty barrels being used as drums by either a spoon or a fork and that’s exactly what happens on this day. The Bolibong Kingking Festival is a Bohol festival that is a religious event where drums and gongs are played all day and the sounds have several purposes. The beating of the drums is supposed to attract visitors and at the same time remind the residents that the Bolibong Kingking Festival is a chance to relive Bohol’s rich history and well entrenched traditions. This Bohol festival is held every May and it is in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the patron saint of Bohol. The Bolibong Kingking Festival is held in Loboc which is a place that is not only rich in flora and fauna but also has several interesting places to visit. In fact if one is going to Bohol to see the Bolibong Kingking Festival, it’s a good idea to dine at one of their restaurants on stilts or take a boat ride in the beautiful Loboc River.

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