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Boracay Festivals and Events

Boracay Festivals and Events


Many of us know Boracay and fondly call it “Bora” because we have at least heard of it or been there once and admired its beautiful beaches. However, it is not accurate to think Boracay is just about pristine white sand and perfectly calm waters, it’s also an island that holds several festivities throughout the year. If one chances upon a Boracay festival, one will be in complete awe of how well planned these events are and how much fun it is to be able to witness and even participate in one.

Ati Atihan Festival

One might say that every part of the country celebrates the Ati Atihan Festival and although the island of Boracay is not an exception, its version is very fascinating. This Boracay festival is held the day after New Year’s Day and there’s no missing out on the hypnotizing sound of drums that signal the start of the event. The theme of the Ati Atihan Festival is the different religious beliefs held by Filipino ancestors and it also includes a tribute to Christianity, a religion introduced by the Spaniards. The participants of the Ati Atihan Festival paint themselves to look exactly like our ancestors from centuries back. What makes this Boracay festival such a colorful event is the fact that all these dancing in colorful costumes and body paint is done on shore with the beautiful beach of Boracay in the background. What can be said to be the trademark of this Boracay festival are the dancers that have painted their bodies in black with streaks of bright colors on their faces. During the Ati Atihan Festival a contest is held to determine which is the “best tribe” in terms of costume, body art and dances. The Ati Atihan Festival is very much like the Mardi Gras only with a touch of something very Filipino.

Boracay Food Festival

To those who have been to the Philippines before and are familiar with the customs and culture of the Filipinos, then one is bound to notice that the Filipinos love to eat. It is only in the Philippines that people eat “merienda” which is an afternoon snack before dinner. It should therefore come as no surprise that the Boracay Food Festival is a highly anticipated event. This Boracay festival exhibits the best Filipino dishes including delicacies unique to this country. The Boracay Food Festival is also known for its sumptuous array of desserts and since this Boracay festival is held right on the beach, one can say this is the perfect combination.

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