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Laoag Sightseeing Guide

Laoag Sightseeing Guide

This Laoag sightseeing guide will showcase the natural and manmade wonders of the capital of Ilocos Norte in the Philippines. Being nestled in between one of the largest mountain ranges in the Philippines and the South China Sea, Laoag City presents scenic views and great tropical delights for its visitors.

For the initial part of our Laoag sightseeing guide, we’ll go over some of the scenic natural attractions you should expect to find.

La Paz Beach is the closest beach in Laoag, which is a lovely pebble beach with extensive sand dunes. However, if you’re looking for some of the best beaches in the Philippines, you better drive up an hour to Pagudpud to find something at par with the world’s best.

The La Paz Sand Dunes is a favorite movie location here in the Philippines. Filipino-style western movies have chosen this among several locations. It is interesting to note that two international film, Born on the Fourth of July and Mad Max, also filmed here.
The next part of our Laoag sightseeing guide will feature some of the historic attractions you can check out. The Cape Bojeador Lighthouse was built in 1892 and is the highest lighthouse in the Philippines, which still functions today.

Saint William’s Cathedral was built in 1612 and is a fine piece of Italian Renaissance architecture. It has a two-story facade that is held in place using coupled columns. The Santa Monica Church on the other hand is a century old church that is a great mix of baroque and neo-classical design.

No Laoag sightseeing guide will be complete without the Sinking Bell Tower. The name comes from the fact that the tower sinks about a few centimeters each year. The tower was built on sand and its weight drags the entire structure down. One of its doors that was once able to let a man on a horse through is now halfway sunk to the ground.

The next segment of our Laoag sightseeing guide will feature some of the cultural highlights here starting with Fort Ilocandia. Fort Ilocandia is a hotel that sports many Spanish-Moroccan trends in design and infrastructure. Its more than 200 rooms give a spectacular view of the beach area. The hotel is primarily designed to attract foreign tourists and guests but it also brings in locals from all over the Philippines as well. Other than the magnificent view and great facilities, Fort Ilocandia is also famous for its casinos and golf course.

One of the must see places here is the Marcos Mausoleum, which has a display of the 20-year term president of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos. You’ll get a chance to glimpse at his wax replica but no pictures are allowed. However, you may take pictures while you’re at the Marcos Museum that displays the man’s personal effects and features his personal career and family line.

Our Laoag sightseeing guide features some of the highlights to see in this city. Visitors will grow to appreciate unique beauty Ilocos Norte and Laoag City has to offer.

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