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The Bohol experience – hotel selections to suit your lifestyle.

The Bohol experience – hotel selections to suit your lifestyle.

A relaxing vacation to rejuvenate an urban – exhausted office junkie will not be complete without a hotel reservation. In fact, it cannot even commence without lodging, most especially if you are traveling to an island or to a destination that requires travel by plane or by boat. And where else can the change of scenery and breath of fresh air take place but in the unscathed island of Bohol.

So before you pack your bags and journey to the Bohol islands and get that long awaited tan, here are a few suggestions as to where to stay, there is a sure place to cater to your whim.

Tagbilaran and Panglao are the most frequented places in Bohol, and they offer very different landscapes. If you want to have a vacation but at the same time stay in the metro with all the hustle and bustle of the city, then three Tagbilaran hotels can offer that. MetroCentre Hotel, Hotel La Roca, and Soledad Suites are the lodging place s to choose from.

MetroCentre Hotel is the premiere business destination if you want to incorporate both business and travel. It has the usual amenities of a hotel found in the city, like a health and fitness area, a coffee shop, an internet café, a health spa and pool, a cinema, bar and grill, among others. If you want to stay in the city but at the same time have the bed and breakfast feel to it, stay at Hotel La Roca. Just five minutes away from the airport, Hotel La Roca’s homely amenities include a café, a restaurant, and a pool. If you do not want to splurge on the lodging budget, then Soledad Suites is the place to be. Soledad Suites is the first and only boutique hotel in Bohol, and has a café, a restobar, and function rooms to suit your needs.

If the city life has taken a toll on you, but you still want to stay in Tagbilaran, then you might want to check out Bohol Tropics Resort Club. Situated at the white sand beachfront, it is surrounded with waterfalls, rivers and caves. Perfect for those who would want to see the myriad of aquatic life below.

Panglao, where you could unleash your inner mermaid because this island is paradise, is the destination for those wanting to totally have the best r & r. An island separated from Bohol, Panglao has four beach resorts that are fighting for your attention. These are the Bohol Beach Club, the Alona Palm Beach Resort, the Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa, and the Amarela Resort.

Since all of them are situated at the beachfront, and they all have the same amenities like that of a swimming pool, a café, a restobar, among others, what you would want to know probably are the rates. For over-all room rates, Amarela comes in with the cheapest rates of an estimated 85 to 110 dollars per room with two single beds. The Bohol Beach Club offers room rates ranging from 75 to 312 dollars, while the Alona Palm Beach resort has more of less the same rates. If you want to spend a lot for your lodging, then the Eskaya Beach Resort and spa will definitely suit your preferences. Rates range from 500 to 3500 dollars per room.

Having a vacation is all about you and your loved ones having the time of your life. Make sure that you choose the hotel that suits your lifestyle best and your budget too.

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