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Puerto Galera Sightseeing and Activities

Puerto Galera Sightseeing and Activities

Puerto Galera in Mindoro is blessed with pristine seawater, white sand beaches and lush vegetation. It has many destinations for different kinds of activities or just for sightseeing.

For the beach bodies, Puerto Galera has several white sand beaches. White Beach and Sabang Beach are the most popular destinations. One can just lounge in the shade and drink a cool glass of refreshments. Bars and restaurant line the coastline of these beaches. Water activities such as jet skiing and banana boat riding are also popular in these destinations. These beaches turn into a lively night spots as bars lining the shore start blaring party music.

The waters off Big and Small Lalaguna, Talipanan, Aninuan, Haligue, Long Beach, Dulangan (Bulabod), Boquete and Villaflor offer a visitor to go under water and scuba dive. Magnificent natural coral formations and exotic colorful fishes await the diver.

Coral formations and exotic fishes are available not only to divers. While on board a motor boat, one can visit several destinations near and around Puerto Galera. Medio Island, Minolo Paradise, Sabang Plateau, San Antonio Point and Tangalan Point are excellent sites for this activity.

The flora and fauna of Puerto Galera are points of interest for naturalists. Once can visit the Mangrove Forest Park to see and appreciate the trees in this mangrove park. For the animal lovers, Paradise Zoo is the place to visit. Over 1,000 different species of animals are showcased in this zoo.

The more active traveler will be happy to know that there are several adventures available to them in Puerto Galera. Aninuan Falls, Tamaraw Falls and Talipanan Falls can be reached by easy to moderate hiking. Those who want to thread the unbeaten path will be happy to see to cascading waters of these falls and swim in its cool waters.

For the history buffs, the Excavation Museum is a place of interest. This museum contains several artifacts and antiques unique only in the area. A visit to this museum will help one realize the importance of Puerto Galera during pre-Spanish time as one sees many Chinese and Siamese potteries. The Cross at Muelle in the town proper is another good destination. A visit to the Baclaran Mangyan Settlement makes tourist appreciate the culture of the Mangyans, an ethnic tribe found only in Mindoro.

Island hopping is another good activity for tourist in Puerto Galera. Nature lovers will enjoy Alibatan Island because it is a breading site for seagulls and turtles. For those who want to go deep see fishing, the waters off Buyayao Island are an excellent destination.

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