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Tagbilaran Transportation

Tagbilaran Transportation


The province of Bohol has beautiful beaches, excellent dive sites and many amazing landmarks that have survived the test of time. For those who are thinking about vacationing in Tagbilaran, it’s a good idea to learn a little about this city and of course the different modes of Tagbilaran transportation that one can avail of to go sightseeing.

Getting to Tagbilaran

The fastest way to get to Tagbilaran is to hop on a plane from Manila and fly direct to Bohol through one of the domestic carriers. Among the airlines that provide Tagbilaran transportation via air are Asian Spirit, Philippine Airlines, Zest Airways and Laoag International Airlines. If one is going to Bohol during off peak season, one will most likely chance upon low fares and promotional offers. In fact, during these times, a plane ticket to Tagbilaran could cost less than Php1000.

However if Manila is not the starting point but rather Cebu and one still wishes to take the plane, flights leave Mactan International Airport daily and a short boat ride can be made from there to Tagbilaran itself.

Another Tagbilaran transportation that many travelers coming from other provinces prefer is maritime vessels. There are several choices when it comes to ferry boats depending on one’s starting point. If one is departing from Manila, going to one of the major ports is the best way to start. An option to get to Tagbilaran faster is to ride a fast cat or catamaran which cuts travel by sea to half an hour less than the usual. Major maritime vessels that offer daily trips to Tagbilaran are Negros Navigation and WG & A.

Getting Around Tagbilaran

Once in Tagbilaran, there are several modes of Tagbilaran transportation to choose from including motor vehicles such as mini buses, tricycles and jeepneys. Although there aren’t that many taxis in Tagbilaran and these are usually confined to certain areas only, a mini bus is a comfortable and a more affordable way to get around. When it comes to mini buses, these types Tagbilaran transportation charge varying fees depending on where one is going but the good news is, they are relatively easy to find, thanks to the bus terminals that are found every couple of blocks in the town proper.

Now if one is working on a budget and would like the cheapest mode of Tagbilaran transportation to get to a particular destination, there are many options from tricycles that can go as far as 10 kilometers to jeepneys that have designated routes. Whichever mode of transportation one prefers though, rest assured, one will find something in Tagbilaran that will suit one’s needs.

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