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Going to Beaches in the Philippines

Going to Beaches in the Philippines

Traveling to the Philippines is almost always tantamount to going to its beaches. Being an archipelago of seven thousand one hundred and seven islands and islets, it is an inevitable temptation to visit a beach resort somewhere around the country.

Here are some helpful tips to make your beach vacation the very best:

1. SET your budget.

2. Always have a checklist of what you want or expect in the place you would like to stay (price range, cleanliness, amenities, kind of food, etc.).

3. Know the location, culture and/or topography of the vacation spot.

4. Time your visit during the proper season. FYI: There are only two seasons in the Philippines, the wet/rainy and dry/summer season. The rainy season starts from June to February while summer starts before April and ends in May.

5. Beaches are very populated during summer as most tourists prefer to experience the beach while being drenched under the hot sunshine. This is during the months of April and May.

6. Always know the full details of the accommodation. There are resorts that have a cheap entrance fee but will charge you twice as much upon usage of any of its amenities while there are other resorts that charge a very high entrance fee but will allow full and unlimited usage of its amenities.

7. Weigh your options very well. Check #1 & #2.

8. Do not compromise your vacation with the cheap price of accommodation. Always compare prices with other places located in the same vacation spot. In canvassing, you might come across a resort which offers only 150pesos/night while the one adjacent to it offers 2,500++pesos/night. While the former is really affordable, it may not be the type of cottage or room you would like to end up in the night. Check #6 and compare it with #2.

9. There are different types of beaches in the Philippines depending on the color of the sand: black, brown and/or white. The black sand beaches are easy finds while the most sought after are the white sand beaches. There are also man-made white sand beaches in the Philippines, but it really has no significant difference as compared to the natural ones. Check #6.

10. In going out, always bring your sun block and umbrella with you.

11. Always apply sun block lotion each time you plan to expose your skin under the sun. In buying sun blocks, always check the expiration date of the lotion. Choose a sun block which has an SPF of at least 30.

12. If you are going to have a tan, do it before 10 am or after 3pm. Avoid exposing your skin directly under the sun, between 10am and 3pm, to avoid skin cancer or UV-damage on your skin.

13. If you are a foreigner, it is best that you bring with you a trusted friend who knows or can speak the Filipino language or the dialect of the place you plan to visit. You should also be able to familiarize yourself with the Philippine currency, its coins and bills, before deciding to visit your vacation spot.

14. Always bring with you peso coins and small bills especially if you intend to travel via public transportation.

15. Do not go island-hopping without having your dollars/foreign bills changed to Philippine currency.
Popular locations / beach vacation spots in the Philippines are the following: Boracay Island, Puerto Galera, Mindoro Island, Pagudpod, La Union, Palawan, Punta Fuego, Laia, Batangas, Caylabne, Cavite, Cebu, Bohol, Catanduanes Island, Pangasinan and the Batanes Group of Islands.

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