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Haircut Anyone?

Haircut Anyone?

So you think only women are vain? Think again. I just found out that men can be as prissy with their looks like women are. And the good news is, an enterprising person can take advantage of this turn it into a home business. How? By opening a barber shop!

The following is a Q&A with a barber who opened up a barber shop to response to this sense of aesthetic and call for business venture.

Q: What made you decide to have your own barbershop?

A: Even while I was still in school, I would also find its way to fix my hair differently especially when I had to attend parties or gatherings. The problem then was that in order for me to get the “fix” I wanted, it was either I would do it on my own or go to the beauty salon. In the case of the latter, I sometimes felt awkward being in what is supposed to be a woman’s world. So, I decided to set-up my own barbershop to answer this “need.” And it turned out that aside from being able to get the haircut I want, I am able to earn additional income as well.

Q: So how profitable is this business?

A; Well, it really is profitable. Haven’t you noticed the number of barber shops that have lined up the streets of the city or even in rural areas? Barber shops open up like mushrooms just like beauty parlors do. It only shows that you can earn quite a good sum of money from this business. Besides, it is not really difficult to manage one.

Q: How did you start?

A; The good thing in my case is that I did not have the problem looking for a location. I simply used the space available in front of my house which makes the barber shop a true-blue home business. Then I started to get the shop fixtures I needed, particularly the barber’s chairs while I had the shop furnished and designed. It was important for me that my shop looked unique despite my loyalty to the traditional interior and exterior design of a barber shop. I made sure my barber shop stands out among the rest. Then of course I had to scout for good barbers. It was not hard because as soon as news of a new barber shop opening spread, barbers started applying. I got the best ones.

Q: How much capital did it cost you to start the home business?

A: Well, let’s just say around P150,000 including the carpentry work. The chair alone cost me around P7,000 each. It would be more if you still have to consider a rental fee which isn’t my case since I own the space.

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