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Bacolod Transportation

Bacolod Transportation


The boom of tourism in Bacolod has led to the addition of hotels and restaurants to better cater to a wider market. What makes Bacolod a favorite tourist destination is not just the fine establishments that have been built, but the ease that Bacolod transportation provides.

Bacolod Transportation from Manila and Angeles City

The quickest and most convenient Bacolod transportation from Manila and Angeles City is via plane. The Luzon region has 2 airports, one in Manila and the other in Angeles City. Getting to Bacolod via plane is as easy as booking online, going to a ticketing office or a quick phone call with one of the major airlines that fly there daily. Bookings can be made through Philippine Airlines or Cebu Pacific to get to Bacolod from Manila and Angeles City and these airlines have at least one flight a day to that destination. The ride is less than an hour, in fact it only takes forty five minutes from Manila and Angeles City. The plane lands at the Bacolod-Silay International Airport and one will be surprised that although this facility is in the province, it can compete with the airport in Manila in terms of world class service. From the airport, Bacolod transportation that will get one around the city is just outside and one can choose to ride either a bus or a taxi. Of course, one also has the option of arranging airport transfer with one’s hotel so that upon arrival from Manila and Angeles City, a car or a van is ready and waiting.

Another Bacolod transportation from Manila and Angeles City is by sea and there are many ferries that travel to this destination daily. WG&A and Negros Navigation are among the biggest shipping lines in the country but of course as compared to a plane ride, the travel time is longer which lasts a day.

Bacolod Transportation within the City

Similar to any highly urbanized city, there are several ways to get around Bacolod and it doesn’t matter whether one arrived via plane or docked at the seaport. Near the Bacolod-Silay International Airport, a bus terminal is within walking distance and this will get one around the capital. If one is headed somewhere nearer, there are also jeepneys there but for those who are not too familiar with the place or have never been there before, there are also taxis in the area.

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