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Dipolog Sightseeing Guide

Dipolog Sightseeing Guide

Dipolog has a lot of scenic tourist spots to offer and visitors often wonder what places they should start with. This Dipolog sightseeing guide ought to help. Here are the first 5 recommendations.

Linabo Peak

Where else can tourists get a panoramic view of Dipolog, Dapitan, and the Sulu sea all at the same time except from the Linabo Peak? This breath-taking climb hits 3 birds with a stone, so a foremost Dipolog sightseeing guide recommendation should be a visit to this mountain peak. To reach this peak, visitors need to traverse the 3003 concrete steps up Linabo Peak which is nothing short of what the penitent faithful suffers each Lenten season. The awesome experience close to being on top of the world is a fascinating tour delight that augurs well of what more to expect from a Dipolog sightseeing adventure.

Cogon Park

It’s a rare opportunity to see hardwood trees in lush clusters in an actual forest. Trees like Nato, Rattan, Tianong, Lumbayao, duguan, Narig, Mayapis, Lauan, Acacia, Narra, Yemane, Molave, Teak, and Mahogany. Cogon Park has all these and more. Wild animals in their natural habitat, enthralling camping sites, mountaineering spots, picnic cottages, plus the awesome Sungkilaw Falls are only examples of things that will surely lure tourists to this place. Thus, this Dipolog sightseeing guide urges visitors not to miss Cogon Park.

Punta Corro or Sta. Cruz

Here is where tourists can visit an altar built in 1895 which was personally designed by the national hero Dr. Jose Rizal. And people can see why this is among spots in the province strongly recommended by this Dipolog sightseeing guide. Not even in Manila or Laguna, where Rizal spent his childhood, will people see an architectural composition by the great hero himself. The altar is inside a Roman Catholic cathedral along Rizal Avenue and near the town plaza. It was built in 1895.

Dipolog Fountain Monument

Situated at the Estaka Turno junction, this monument with a fountain amid a garden reflects the strong faith of the people of Dipolog. They erected this monument, with three statues lifting a bowl to heaven, as a gesture of their thanksgiving to God for bountiful harvests. The three statues also symbolize the three main types of early settlers in Dipolog and in Mindanao. This is among the top four recommendations of this Dipolog sightseeing guide.

After seeing these four tourist spots suggested by this Dipolog sightseeing guide, visitors may proceed to other scenic places in Dipolog.

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