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Zamboanga Travel Guide

Zamboanga Travel Guide

The Philippines is boasting with islands and cities full of nature, sights to see and special phenomena such as volcanoes, marine life, special hills or rice terraces. There is yet another city that boasts of the rich Filipino heritage, but this time it is not about special natural phenomena or volcanoes, it is about the colonial past of the Philippines. This place is called the little Spain of the Philippines and you will be part of the Zamboanga Travel Guide where we will take you on a tour around the most important parts of this place and where we also show you where to stay and to dine.

Before setting out on the places to go in our Zamboanga Travel Guide, you need to relax for a while and store your luggage safely somewhere. The hotel Lantaka is a Spanish style hotel with an ocean front view. This hotel is affordable and comfortable and you can make yourself on your way for our first stop on the Zamboanga Travel Guide tour. The most popular attraction as well as the most reminiscent Spanish attraction is the Fort Pilar. The Fort Pilar was a fort used to defend the people from invaders and outside attack. The Pettit Barracks are located right within the fort and have been captured by Americans and Japanese during the different wars and occupations in the Philippines.

Since the travel to Fort Pilar is a little tiring, let us settle to the next stop in the Zamboanga Travel Guide which will be a restaurant where you can munch your lunch. Today we opted for seafood since Zamboanga is famous for it and our favorite place to go is the Alavar Seafood Restaurant which serves Filipino seafood and will be the best place to show you how and what to eat from the local seafood cuisine in the Philippines. After your hunger and thirst have been thoroughly satisfied, we should move on with the Zamboanga Travel Guide to Abong-abong. Abong-abong is a pilgrimage site and came about by no one else than the Spaniards. This pilgrimage includes thirteen stations that you have to visit during holy week in the Philippines and one of them includes a volcano shaped like a turtle and a heart. It doesn’t only sound interesting but it looks interesting as well.

The last stop in our Zamboanga Travel Guide is a rather seasonal stop which means you have to plan your stay with the festival during the month of October. We are talking about the Regatta de Zamboanga where hundreds of colorful boats compete in a regatta during the Hermosa Festival in this city. After the day of excitement and sightseeing, you might probably slump back into the bed back in the hotel. You will be able to find many more things to do and see in little Spain of the Philippines.

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