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Tacloban Travel Agents

Tacloban Travel Agents

The City of Tacloban is considered to be the Heart of Eastern Visayas and the Gateway to Region Eight (in the Philippines). A visit or stay in Tacloban City would never be completed without visiting these famous landmarks and wonderful places. The Second World War had left a dent on the Filipinos psyche and to commemorate and remember the sacrifices of those who offered their lives to end the war, the local government created a memento of the event. The MacArthur Landing Memorial at Palo, Leyte displays bigger than life size and statues reenacting the historical landing of General Douglas MacArthur and his brave armed forces. Palo Metropolitan Cathedral, which is also in Palo, Leyte was once a converted evacuation hospital of the Allied Forces of Liberation during the Second World War. The place had also been the safe haven or refuge of civilians and local throughout the war. The cathedral’s main altar had been gold-plated and the focal attraction of the place. This seventeenth century cathedral is a model of modern gothic church design and architecture. The Santo Niño Shrine and Heritage Museum serves as the home of priceless art objects and of course, the miraculous image of the Santo Niño or the Holy Child Jesus. This shrine and museum is located at Tacloban City. Another noted site is the Price Mansion (now the College Assurance Plan or CAP building) which was considered to be the certified or official headquarters and residence of the liberation forces headed by General Douglas MacArthur in 1944. Last but certainly not the least; tourist should visit the Leyte Provincial Capitol at Tacloban City.

The Emblem and Banner of Tacloban City

The Official Seal of Tacloban City is straightforward, nonetheless conveys very strong symbolisms and meanings. The Galleon represents the ship or vessel of Ferdinand Magellan who discovered Limasawa Island where the first native Christian believers held the first ever Holy Eucharist in the Philippines. The right part of the seal represents the municipality of Leyte, where the city of Tacloban is situated. The symbolism of the municipality of Samar-the main supplier of marine and agricultural products to Tacloban City, is at the left side portion of the seal. As an added information, because of its Samar’s productivity in terms of raw and natural resources, trade and commerce thrive in Tacloban City. The famous San Juanico Strait or passage is the body of water being depicted at the middle or the center of the seal.

Helping tourists and visitors trip to Tacloban City

Since Tacloban City is part of Leyte, the local government-to answer the booming tourism industry-encouraged private business to focus on travel and tours ventures. The Leyte Gulf Travel and Tours or LGTT was conceptualized out of the necessity to support and promote leisure and travel tours. Their program is duly-recognized and authorized by the Philippine Airlines or PAL. Getting updated information regarding Leyte Gulf Travel and Tours is just a few clicks away. Knowing these information would definitely help a lot regarding accommodations and travel itineraries around the wonderful places in Tacloban City.

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