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Palawan Perssonal Blogs

Palawan Perssonal Blogs

Palawan: The place that made me realize that change is possible

I have been here in Manila since I was born. Occasionally though, I had some chances in having sometime in a province or two because we were very attached to our parents homeland or hometown. It is a reality here in Manila that change and progress are two inevitable factors sweeping everybody’s psyche. Unfortunately, these tides left unlikely ‘dents’ in Manila. It is really a sorry sight to see a sense of being not too organized and at the same time a lack of discipline. To say the least, the result has been extreme-either too good or not so good. That is the reason why the question that reoccurs in my mind is: can we do change and progress perfectly?

Palawan: One of the Best Place

During my freshman year in high school, part of our summer program was to do some camping out. My classmates and I were so excited because we had to travel through a big ferry ship. Once we were in the shores of Palawan, we saw an unusual sight: people had a luxury to swim by the port area! The water in the port area was so clean that swimming was considered safe.

When we were welcomed by the bishop and gave us a tour of Puerto Princesa, it was a real haven of order and discipline! It was a highly urbanized municipality but it was well taken cared of. I remembered reading one of the sign that spitting was prohibited, so as throwing small trashes all over the place.

Palawan: The wonder of its Natural Gifts

We camped out for almost a week at Mount St. Paul in Palawan. It was a baptism of fire for me because it was where I hiked two (2) to three (3) hours just to be at the campsite. It was very tiring and at the same time memorable. In Mount St. Paul as well, I was able to swim with the huge waves and enjoyed the experience a lot.

We have to trek the challenging and dangerous ‘Monkey Trail’ for hours to experience the beauty of the underground river of Palawan or the world-renowned Subterranean National Park. For the next few days, we were trained and encouraged to take an extra care toward Mother Nature. What thought echoed since our stay in Mount St. Paul was: ‘We are all brothers and sisters and we have one Mother- the planet Earth.’

Our experience in Palawan made me realize that taking care or preserving Mother Nature and at the same time riding the waves of progress and change is never a conflict at all. As humans, we have the greatest gift Mother Nature could provide and that is our ability to rationalize or to think. Since we have this faculty, we have the authority to take care of the environment and not just utilize it for selfish motives. My experience in Palawan was indeed priceless. It had left a dent in my being to be in a way an advocate of Mother Nature in my own means.

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