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The World in a Single Tour

The World in a Single Tour

The history of the Philippine Islands has been shaped by many factors since its existence for more or less thousands of years ago. The diverse culture of the native Filipinos, which has lineages from different neighboring countries, has helped pave the way for more rich and vast culture compared to some other countries. Not to mention the colonization of Spain for a span of three centuries, the Philippines already had a vibrant culture which attracted seafarers and voyagers long before.
The archipelago which consists of 7, 100 plus islands is indeed a sanctuary of a variety of scenic spots and pristine panoramas. From the northernmost tip of the country to the southernmost spot, no one should miss a single creation of nature full of splendor and majesty.

The Mountain Province is one of the most famous spots in the country because of its “Rice Terraces” which was claimed as one of the wonders of the modern world. Located several miles from this point is the famous Summer Capital of the Philippines and even out of it, is Baguio City. The “City of Pines” as most people call it, is visited by thousands of tourists every summer to enjoy the cool and relaxing temperature which reaches even negative degrees at some point.

From the rocky mountains of the Mountain Province, let us slide to the world-renowned Subic Bay which is famous for safari adventures and also for the dolphins and other oceanic spots. Located miles from Subic is the Hundred Islands of Pampanga where one can tour the sea scattered with hundreds of small islands.

Another very popular scenic spot in the Philippines is Mayon Volcano in Bicol- which also belongs to the wonders of the world along with the Rice Terraces. What makes this volcano very different from others is that it is shaped in a perfect cone displaying an ethereal beauty especially during a clear day. And just recently, Bicol has launched another tourist destination in Camarines Sur- the Water Sports Complex. This is a three hectare complex where water sports enthusiasts can do all their tricks. This destination has been a very hot spot netting up to three million in a single month.

In the Visayas group of islands, the famous Chocolate Hills are also a must-see. It is a place where hundreds of hills are located like drops of chocolate. In this place, the world’s smallest primate “tarsier” also lives close to extinction.

And who could ever forget the world famous Boracay Islands which is visited by thousands of tourists every summer because of its fine white sand beaches and cool surf.

Or try the Maria Cristina Falls- which is claimed as one of the most beautiful waterfalls. Or how about the famous colorful vintas in Mindanao.

Lots of choices. Hundreds of chances. No other place can give you such a grand and diverse experience. Traveling in the Philippines is indeed an experience comparable to traveling the whole world. 

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