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For Locals, Expats and tourists in the Philippines.
Travel Hot Spots

Travel Hot Spots

The Philippines is situated at the heart of the Southeast Asia. It is composed of almost 7,100 islands. Those island is divided into 3 main regions; Luzon, where the country’s capital is located (Manila), The Visayas, and Mindanao.

The climate is mainly tropical and as such the weather is divided basically into 3 seasons; summer from March through May, rainy from June through November, and cold (well, cold for the Philippines) December through February.

For most tourists, traveling in the Philippines is not difficult. There are various methods of transportation including but not limited to ferries, taxis, jeeps, buses, or even tricycles. Filipino people are warm and friendly and usually willing to help a lost tourist. Even in the most modern times, most Filipino people remain hospitable to everybody, especially towards tourists who are just taking a vacation on the islands and need some help to find a place.

It is very easy to get accommodations as well. In most parts of the country there are an abundance of hotels, apartelles and houses that one may rent for a short periods of time.

Foreign exchange is also not a problem because almost all monetary units can easily be converted into Philippine Pesos. In addition to that, major credit cards are accepted nationwide.

Communication is never a problem here as most Filipinos can understand and speak English at least to a degree to find help or get information. Also, mobile phones and internet cafes are everywhere so you are never out of touch.

Taking a vacation in the Philippines is not only for summer. All year round there are many places to visit here. In Luzon, for example, you may take a day tour in Manila and see some historical places such as Luneta, Fort Santiago, National Museum, and many more places of interest. If you want to do some nature tripping you may want to check out the Parks and Wild Life or the La Mesa Water Park.

Further south, you can visit places like Tagaytay and take a breath taking view of the Taal Volcano, Batangas for the beach and water sports lovers, or down in Visayas, you can go to the famous island of Boracay, famous for its captivating white sand beaches.

Or perhaps a visit the city of Cebu is more to your liking. Then, in Mindanao, you can go to Palawan and see world class resorts, breath taking dive spots, or be one with nature by visiting some of the island’s secluded beaches.

Indeed, the Philippines Islands are one place anybody would surely want to visit. It is filled with breath taking views, one of kind delicacies, and most of all you will be welcomed by warm hearted Filipinos who will ensure you that you will feel most welcome to these fair lands.

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