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Ormoc Sightseeing and Activities

Ormoc Sightseeing and Activities


Despite the economic success of Ormoc over the years, one will be glad to know that this city has managed to keep a large part of its culture and history intact through the various Ormoc sightseeing spots. When visiting this province, it’s inevitable to want to learn more about this place and there is no better way to do that than to spend a day or two doing some Ormoc sightseeing.

Leyte Mountain Trek

The nature lovers and the sports enthusiasts will find refuge at the Leyte Mountain Trek and this Ormoc sightseeing spot is the perfect place to sweat it out amidst virgin forests. The Leyte Mountain Trek is a favorite among backpackers and the trail that runs for a good 26 miles has been tried by many, both foreigners and locals. What’s particularly good about a visit to the Leyte Mountain Trek is that by going to it and seeing this place, one will also get to see two other known Ormoc sightseeing spots. The trails starts at Mahagnao Volcano Natural Park and at the end of the trek, one will end up at the Danao Lake Natural Park right in the center of Ormoc City. The journey through the Leyte Mountain Trek is something that even children as young as 12 years old can make because the walk is something that is serene and the trail is easy to trod on. While at the Leyte Mountain Trek, enjoy the diverse flora and fauna of Ormoc and have an exhilarating day.

Danao Lake Natural Park

The Danao Lake Natural Park is a favorite Ormoc sightseeing spot by visitors because of its natural beauty and the many activities that can be done here. The Danao Lake Natural Park is great place to have a family picnic or if one wants to keep it hassle free, there’s always the floating restaurant that serves sumptuous delights. There is also a scenic boat ride that will allow one to navigate the waters when at the Danao Lake Natural Park and the crystal waters is where one will see spectacular sea creatures. Legend has it that a giant eel a little over 3 kilometers long swims deep in the waters of Danao Lake Natural Park and there are souvenir shops in the area where one can buy a keychain or a shirt with a print of this mystical creature. Indeed when it comes to Ormoc sightseeing, the Danao Lake Natural Park is a place that is simply crying out to be visited and one will not regret dropping by at this famous tourist attraction.

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