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General Santos Hospitals and Health Care

General Santos Hospitals and Health Care

Considered as one of the Philippines’ most competitive cities, General Santos City in South Cotabato aims to enhance the health conditions of residents in the area. To attain the objective, the city government allots budget to improve the facilities of public health care units including the General Santos District Hospital and SOCSARGEN County Hospital. In addition, the government also approves the openings of numerous tertiary General Santos hospitals and health care establishments like the Mindanao Medical Center.

General Santos District Hospital

General Santos District Hospital is a public health care facility that provides cheap services to the residents in the city. This health care establishment has well-ventilated rooms and capacious rooms where patients can stay comfortably while receiving treatments from their physicians. Aside from general medicine, this medical care unit specializes in other areas like pediatrics, immunology, pathology and surgery. Individuals who want to set appointments with the physicians serving at this place can communicate with any of the administrative staff by calling (083) 302-0759.

SOCSARGEN County Hospital

Patients who are in search for public General Santos hospitals and health care institutions that use modern facilities and equipment can always go to SOCSARGEN County Hospital, which is situated at the corners of Arradaza Street and Bula Lagao Road. To assist patients who do not have sufficient money to pay for the rising medical costs at private medical establishments in the city, this institution provides discounted medical supplies and free consultations to the residents of South Cotabato. In addition, the place features a clean and comfortable outpatient area. Patients who have serious illnesses can call (083) 553-8906 to get immediate medical help from physicians at this establishment.

Mindanao Medical Center

One of the outstanding tertiary hospitals in the southern region of the Philippines, Mindanao Medical Center has modern facilities and advance medical devices that physicians use to diagnose the health conditions of patients. This health care unit in General Santos City supports the different projects of the Department of Health like the Healthy Lifestyle Campaign, which was launched to raise awareness about the health problems that are commonly experienced by the residents in the area. To accommodate patients who are in great need for regular check-ups and immediate medical assistance, this health care establishment features numerous rooms and capacious wards. When it comes to specializations, the medical center employs medical professionals who have ample understanding on various fields like oncology, pathology and general medicine. Aside from these, patients can also get free medicines and vaccines by visiting the outpatient department of this establishment. In case of emergencies, individuals can seek help at Mindanao Medical Center by calling (083) 553-3985.

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