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Baguio Destination Guides

Baguio Destination Guides


The summer capital of the Philippines is 5,000 feet above sea level and thus enjoys cool weather all year round. Previously an Igorot settlement until the Americans arrived, resorts were built here by the colonizers to escape the sultry summer of Manila. However despite the rise of resorts, the leisurely charm of this place has been maintained. There are several Baguio destinations that one must make a point to visit.

Baguio Sunshine Park

The Baguio Sunshine Park is a place where flowers that only grow in cool climate can be found and this Baguio destination is also a place where cultural shows are presented. A whole day can be spent at the Baguio Sunshine Park just admiring the beauty, color and fragrance of the flowers and the cultural shows are very educational. Not a long distance from the Baguio Sunshine Park is Leonard Wood Road where Imelda Park brings a different kind of wonder for tourists.

Imelda Park

Imelda Park is very different from the Baguio Sunshine Park in that what is on display here is not the different varieties of flowers but the prototypes of the dwellings that the mountain tribes used to live in and some where they continue to live. At the entrance of Imelda Park tribe people greet the visitors and one can snap pictures with them for a souvenir.

Burnham Park

Another Baguio destination that one must go to is Burnham Park. This Baguio destination is named after an American architect who designed the whole city. There’s a lagoon with shallow water where one can rent a boat to row across amidst weeping willows. The children can play at the playground in Burnham Park. There are also several restaurants that are a walking distance from this Baguio destination and they serve both Asian and international cuisine. Very different from the Baguio Sunshine Park, Burnham Park is a place where family gatherings are commonly held.

Aside from Burnham Park, Imelda Park and the Baguio Sunshine Park, there are so many places that one can go to when at the summer capital. These Baguio destinations are more enjoyable because of the cool climate and the warm reception that awaits visitors. For those who like partying at night, Baguio has a very colorful night life with several bars that can go to and listen to a live band with some friends, karaoke, or perhaps go dancing while having a couple of drinks.

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