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Angeles City Sightseeing and Activities

Angeles City Sightseeing and Activities


The City of Angels is known as also known as the center of entertainment in the northern part of Luzon. It is no surprise then that there is a multitude of activities that a visitor can engage in when in Angeles and these are on top of the spectacular tourist sights in the area.


Angeles City sightseeing is not complete without making a stop at Deposito which is a facility where religious artifacts are kept. Deposito is not just for devoted Christians, it’s also a good place to visit if one is interested in learning about the history of Angeles and how the Catholic was introduced to the locals. This place that one will visit when doing some Angeles City sightseeing may conjure ideas in one’s mind of a bank because the word “Deposito” is derived from the Spanish term meaning “deposit”. Far from looking like a bank however, this building which was first built in 1899 houses valuable religious paraphernalia, some dating centuries back. When doing some Angeles City sightseeing at Deposito, one will notice that part of this building is now being used as a Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Center. The history of the Deposito though is intriguing, with the establishment formerly used by American forces lock up erring soldiers. This Angeles City sightseeing location was converted into a post office in the late 1960s and about a decade later became a repository of religious artifacts.

Bale Matua

Next thing on our list when it comes to Angeles City sightseeing is Bale Matua which is a well known destination in Pampanga. What places Bale Matua on our Angeles City sightseeing list is that this old house is quite interesting and has many different features. The historic value of Bale Matua should not be undermined, this more than a century old house has seen prominent people stay here temporarily and it shows us the architectural designs then prevailing. Bale Matua was formerly owned by Don Lopez and it was erected in the 1800s. The best part of the Bale Matua is the balcony where the breeze freely flows and the spiral staircase leading up to it. For those who are particularly interested in architecture and history, Bale Matua is the perfect Angeles City sightseeing spot to go to. Despite the fact that there are several historic houses that have been built in Angeles City, the accessibility of this location and the fact that it has been well preserved over the years are just some reasons that draw tourists to it.

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