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Laoag Restaurant Guide

Laoag Restaurant Guide

Laoag is known as the capital of Ilocos Norte. The city has many restaurants offering varying cuisines. Most of them combine the local and the international cuisine. Most of the restaurants in Laoag can be found in good locations near most of the other business establishments.

1. Max’s Restaurant – This is a successful branch of restaurant that can be found in General Segundo Avenue. This is a good restaurant which offers Filipino dishes and their best selling fried chicken. The atmosphere inside is warm and cozy. They also serve Filipino’s best dishes like Sinigang na Hipon, Crispy Pata, Bicol Express. They also serve Kare-kare and Lechon Kawali.You may spend around five hundred pesos for a complete meal for two persons.

2. La Preciosa Restaurant – This is a restaurant in the city. It is a fine dining restaurant. They also serve catering for occasions in hotels and private celebrations. They offer delicious Ilocano food and other Filipino dishes. They specialize in Bagnet, Pancit molo and Pinakbet. They also serve Patatim and crispy chicken. For a couple you must have at least four hundred pesos to enjoy a complete meal. Their restaurant is also designed with
good architectural styles which adds to the luxurious appeal of their place.

3. Sansu’s Chinese Food – This is a restaurant along Samonte Street in the city. This is a popular restaurant where you can find delicious Chinese dishes. Their best sellers are chopsuey,crab meat dishes and pansit canton. The ambience in this restaurant is very casual. For two hundred pesos you can already enjoy a complete meal along iwth other seafood meals. They also offer a set menu priced at two thousand two hundred pesos which can feed at least ten persons.

4. Macy’s Diner – This is also in Gen. Segundo Avenue. The restaurant is a classic one which offers American and Filipino dishes. The place offers casual and cozy ambiance.
For two hundred pesos a person can already have delicious burgers, fried and tacos. Their Filipino best sellers include bopis and tapa.

5. Ravanden’s Grill – This is another restaurant in Laoag in Rizal Street. The atmosphere in this restaurant is very homey. Guests can eat outside or inside the restaurant. They specialize in Filipino dishes. You can have ninety pesos and enjoy a complete meal. Their best sellers include Kare-kare, grilled sisig and Chopsuey. They also offer their own version of Pinaputok na Tilapia. They can also cater to private gatherings in hotels or houses.

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