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Best Philippine Beach Destinations

Best Philippine Beach Destinations

Pearly shells anyone?

The Philippines have more than enough of them. Trooping to the splendid beaches of this archipelago would take more than your usual summer vacation time. They do have more than 7100 islands and most are gifted with stretches upon stretches of pristine white sands surrounded by sparkling blue waters and some of the best diving spots in Asia!

So, relax! Leave those stuffy suits behind and get ready for an experience of a lifetime! This tropical country has it all, ready to provide you with the best vacation your hard-earned money can buy. Most hotels and resorts offer value for money accommodations for those on a budget. Cottages and hotel rooms with spectacular ocean views are up for grabs! For the high-rollers and guests who want nothing but the best? The red carpet to the most exclusive and first class facilities awaits you.

Here’s a glimpse of Boracay, Palawan, Cebu and Bohol as heavenly getaways.

The tropical paradise of beach lovers! Its seemingly endless stretch of white sands and great accommodation is what makes this beautiful island popular. You can take a pick from the numerous hotels lining the beach, ranging from those offering complete privacy, with hotel rooms and cottages tucked within the lush greenery or the ones situated amongst the hottest and most happening places. Take a stroll down the beach as the sun bade goodbye and watch one of the most spectacular sunsets allotted to mankind. Boracay is definitely the place to enjoy the sun, the sea and to party!

Located just north of Malaysia’s Sabbah Island, it has a total of 1769 islands and islets that are mostly unexplored. Aptly known as the last frontier, it has the largest wildlife reservation here and is home to the most beautiful, exotic orchids, the Palawan peacock, the dugong or sea cow, the Tabon birds as well as some of the most breath taking caves in the country. The Calamian group of islands, popular for its magnificent white beaches, the clearest water and a wide range of marine resources ideal for diving, houses some of the most beautiful and exclusive resorts in Asia. This is nature at its best. Cottages and villas are strategically located to provide optimum privacy to guests. Stay secluded in a villa amongst magnificent trees or wake up in your cottage on stilts with the sea as your playground.

Cebuano bai! Cebu has one of the friendliest atmospheres in the Philippines. Its rich history offers a wide range of activities for everyone. Visit the Magellan’s Cross, join the Sinulog festival held every 3rd Sunday of January (our own version of Mardi Gras), taste the rich flavors- the tablea, the famous mouthwatering lechon Cebu, the puso (rice wrapped in coconut leaves), crispy danggit and much more for a gastronomical blow-out! Visit the Malapascua Island, Camotes Island among the numerous unspoiled beaches of Cebu. First-class resorts are also located in the heart of the city.

Its famous chocolate hills continue to be the most popular must-see attraction of Bohol. It is also home to the smallest known primate, the Philippine tarsier. It has already carved a reputation for having one of the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches in the country. Explore the centuries-old churches of Baclayon, Loboc, Maribojoc, Loon and other magnificent structures. Take the River safari! From the town of Loboc, cruise along Loay River with the boat ride ending in Busay falls with ample time for a refreshing swim. With over a hundred identified caves scattered around the island, Bohol is ideal for spelunking adventures. Diving is also a must, for Bohol has one of the most wonderful corals reefs that are worth the trip alone!

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