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Tagbilaran Destination Guides

Tagbilaran Destination Guides


Tagbilaran is the capital of Bohol and it is a place that has deeply embedded in its history centuries of friendship and peace. Dubbed one of the friendliest places in the Philippines, Tagbilaran destinations are not only places of learning but are also locations where lasting friendships are made.

Blood Compact Site

One might think that a blood compact and a whole site dedicated to it is something very morbid but contrary to one’s first thoughts, this Tagbilaran destination is part of the place’s rich history. The Blood Compact Site is where the chieftain Datu Sikatuna forged a blood compact with the then King of Spain as a signal of friendly relations between the two nations. The marker that points to the Blood Compact Site is said to be the place where the very first Friendship Treaty was entered into without the need of a common language and it was done in 1565. The Blood Compact Site is where friendship between the brown and white skinned first fostered. This historic event is indeed historical because it was one of the contributing factors that caused the Filipinos to welcome the Spaniards with open arms and it was the start of the latter’s peaceful reign. It is just as important in Philippine history as the President Carlos P. Garcia Memorial Park.

President Carlos P. Garcia Memorial Park

Since we’re into history, another good place to visit aside from the Blood Compact Site is the President Carlos P. Garcia Memorial Park. This Tagbilaran destination is located right in Tagbilaran City and it is meant to honor the late President Carlos P. Garcia, a figure admired by many Filipinos up to this very day. President Carlos P. Garcia Memorial Park was built through joint efforts of Boholanos all over the country and even abroad and the bronze statue is the main attraction here. This statue that stands in the middle of the 11 hectare property of this Tagbilaran destination is life-size and made by the national artist Abueva. The President Carlos P. Garcia Memorial Park is just as important and historic as the Blood Compact Site because Former President Garcia was the 4th President of the Philippines, 1st of the 1971 Constitutional Convention and did many good things to alleviate the plight of Filipinos living in poverty.

The Beaches

Moving away from historical sites such as the President Carlos P. Garcia Memorial Park, among the many Tagbilaran destinations are the beaches in the area. There are several beaches that make excellent Tagbilaran destinations such as the Anda Beach, Bay Watch and Darak Beach. These beaches provide the perfect place for unwinding and relaxation.

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