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Leyte Sightseeing and Activities

Leyte Sightseeing and Activities

The island province of Leyte has many things to offer to visitors in terms of tourist destinations. From sightseeing tours, immersing in culture and history up to communing with nature, these destinations give a chance for tourist to engage in enjoyable activities.

Tourists who are into sightseeing tours about history will not be disappointed with Leyte. Historical landmarks and sites are scattered around the province waiting for history buffs. Tacloban has the Leyte Provincial Capitol, CAP Building (Price Mansion) and Redona Residence. These places are worth the sightseeing tour because these had significance during the liberation of Leyte in World War II. Meanwhile, there are also similar places found in Palo. The General Douglas MacArthur Landing Memorial and Guinhangdan Hill (Hill 522) are also significant historical places during the War era. On the other hand, The Hilongos Bell Tower in Hilongos, Leyte has significance from the Spanish era.

Tourists who want to immerse in the rich cultural heritage of the island should visit some of its notable museums and library for a sightseeing activity. The People’s Center and Library, located in Real Street, Tacloban, boasts of historical artifacts and a collection of dioramas depicting ethnic tribes in the Philippines. The Santa Fe Community Museum, on the other hand, showcases antiques and artifacts from the Spanish period up to World War II. Finally, the Santo Nino Shrine and Heritage Museum in Tacloban has an impressive collection of religious art and cultural artifacts. Paintings about the Stations of the Cross, a bas-relief wood carving depicting Malakas and Maganda (Philippines’ version of Adam and Eve), statues of the Santo Nino and paintings done by national artist Fernando Amorsolo are some of its notable collection on display.

A religious pilgrimage of shrines and holy sites can be done in Leyte. Sightseeing tourists will appreciate the varied religious life in the province. The Madonna of Japan, located in Kanhuraw Hill, Tacloban, boasts of a beautiful garden where the statue of the Japanese Goddess of Peace known as Maria Cannon is found. The Santo Nino Church, located also in Tacloban, is the location of the image of the patron saint Santo Nino where devotees attest that it is a miraculous statue. Another attraction is the Buddhist Temple in Anibong District. Finally, the La Purisima Shrine in Palo is the house of the image of the Our Lady of Immaculate Conception.

Aside from sightseeing, there are destinations in the island of Leyte that give a chance for tourist to commune with nature. Activities like swimming, diving, island hopping, hiking can be engaged by tourists from across different destinations of natural wonders of mountains, islands, beaches, nature parks. White Beach in San Jose, Red Beach in Palo and Cuatro Islas (Four Islands) are ideal destinations for water activities like swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, boating. Mount Kankahanay in Jaro, Mahagnao National Park in Burauen, Leyte Mountain Trail, Tongonan Hotsprings National Park and Lake Danao in Ormoc, Amihan Cebu Woodlands and Mount Pangasugan Ecopark in Baybay are ideal places for tourists who want to adventurous by hiking or hunting.

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