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Zamboanga Restaurants

Zamboanga Restaurants

Zamboanga City is the pride of Mindanao. That is not just because of the unique culture it represents but also because of the beautiful setting that tourists are treated to whenever they happen to come by. Aside from great sights, there are Zamboanga restaurants that are out to please all kinds of diners.

Zamboanga restaurants mostly feature seafood, which is understandable considering the vast supply of fresh catches in the city. But wait, Zamboanga restaurants are not merely about seafood. There are lots of other recipes with different flavors from cuisines from around the world that Zamboanga restaurants also represent.

Alavar Seafood Restaurant – This is one of the best seafood hubs in the city. It offers Zamboanga’s finest, especially curacha, which is a local variety of crab. The restaurant offers a special sauce that is also the house specialty. As a proof to the popularity of the dish, there is a bottled version of the recipe available so the Zamboanga restaurant ptrons can savor the dish at home. [Don Alfaro St., Brgy. Tetuan, Zamboanga City; (6362) 991 2483]

Mano Mano Greenfield’s – Eating with bare hands is a common sight at this very popular restaurant. This is one among Zamboanga restaurants that you should never miss visiting. While the setting is quite interesting, the food is truly exciting. The best of Filipino cuisine is featured here. Kinilaw na Blue Marlin, Kare-Kare, Grilled Beef, and Chicken Barbecue are among the bestsellers. [Gov. Ramos Avenue, Sta. Maria, Zamboanga City]

Hai San Seafood Market and Restaurant – Delectable Chinese meals are the main fares at this humble food hub. The sashimi is best drowned in French wines and local beers. Hai San is also ideal for family dinners. The ambience is warm, casual, and laid back and it is nice to have wonderful conversations over the steaming plate of food. What is more exciting in this restaurant is the fact that you select your seafood from the restaurant’s stable. You pick your seafood, tell the staff how you want it cooked, and wait for your sizzling platter of great-tasting freshly cooked meal. [San Jose Road, Zamboanga City]

La Vista Seaside Restaurant – This is another exemplary seafood restaurant that can be found in Zamboanga City. Another notable detail about La Vista, aside from the delectable seafood dishes is the outdoor setting. The fresh breeze will inspire you to eat more of the giant prawns and different varieties of fishes in wonderful plates made of bamboo. [La Vista del Mar Resort, Calarian, Zamboanga City]

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