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Wreck Diving at Black Island

Wreck Diving at Black Island

One of the popular wrecks in Philippines visited by diving enthusiasts is the Black Island Wreck. The Malajon Island, one of the islands in the Calamianes group of Islands, is also known as Black Island because of its black rocks.

Coron, Busuanga Island and the Calamianes Islands (site of Black Island) are collectively known in the Philippines as the Calamianes group of Islands. They are the northern islands of Palawan. Busuanga Island, the main island of the Calamianes group of Islands, is about an hour and 20 minutes by air from Manila, Philippines.

Busuanga Island is in between the Sulu Sea and South China Sea. The most spectacular nature scenes of the Philippines are found on Busuanga Island. Here you’ll find underwater and land caves, huge limestone cliffs, jungles, rivers, hot springs, and mangrove swamps.

On September 24, 1944, Busuanga Island became a witness of World War II. The US Navy conducted an aerial bombardment of Japanese support vessels and cargo in the waters of this island. A number of shipwrecks were kept secret in the waters of this island. Busuanga Island now has become a sanctuary of the diverse species of marine life that make these wrecks their home.

The wreck lies right off the Black Island beach, right in front of a stranded ship at shore. Malajon Island is on the west side of Busuanga Island. Getting there will require a three to five hour boat ride. You can spend the night in the small resorts in the area while diving in Black Island Wreck and other wrecks along the way.

The Black Island Wreck is a small converted tanker designed to carry specific fuels. These fuels were placed in isolated tanks to replenish the fuel supply of the land-based depots. These tankers were from the Japanese Imperial Army.

The Black Island Wreck is a great dive site for wreck diving novices because of the shallow depth. The wreck’s depth starts at 21. 32 meters is the deepest point with a 20 meter visibility The dive site is also perfect for undersea photographers and night divers. The wreck has plenty of fish who make their home in it.

There is also a huge diversity of marine life on the Black Island Wreck. You can find large scorpionfish as well as lionfish on this site. You’ll be fascinated by the schools of batfish, trumpetfish, and sweepers that share their habitat. Emperor angelfish and six-banded angelfish are also live around the Black Island Wreck. Sponges, hydroids, and crinoids are also found here.

You will have a beautiful dive experience in the clear waters of Black Island Wreck near Busuanga Island.

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