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Laoag Hospitals and Health Care

Laoag Hospitals and Health Care

A visit to the beautiful city of Laoag in Ilocos Norte can always be fun and worthwhile as long as you are healthy and do not get sick. However, if it boils down to getting the needed medical attention, here are some of the Laoag hospitals and health care options that are available to you.

Dr. Antonio A. Ranada Lying-In Clinic & Hospital

Dr. Antonio Ranada Lying-in Clinic is situated in Hernando Avenue in Laoag City. A member of the Newborn Screening Reference Center (NSRC) since 2008, it is a duly licensed health care facility which has a 10-bed capacity for the use of its patients.
Laoag City General Hospital

Located in the heart of Laoag, Laoag City General Hospital is headed by Dr. Eleazar Asuncion, its Medical Director. Likewise, this 15-bed capacity has been a member of the NSRC since 2008. It is also a legitimate hospital that caters to the medical and health needs of its patients.

Northern Doctors General Hospital

Another hospital worth your consideration for medical and health needs is the Northern Doctors General Hospital. The facility has been accredited by the Philippine Government and has been an NSRC member since June 2008. Compared to other medical facilities in the city, Northern Doctors General Hospital has a 25-bed capacity which is more than what other facilities in the area are offering.

Our Lady of Fatima Medical Clinic & Hospital

For people who require medical attention for a day or two, Our Lady of Fatima Medical Clinic & Hospital has eight beds which can cater to the health and medical needs of its patients. It is headed by Dr. Reuben Castillo.

Ranada General Hospital

Ranada General Hospital is an NSRC accredited hospital since May 2008. It is situated in Balintawak Street in the heart of Laoag City. It has room for around 20 patients and is headed by Dr. Francisco Ranada.

Santos Clinic & Hospital

One of the many general hospitals in Laoag City is Santos Clinic & Hospital, with its Medical Director Dr. Ruth Santos. This 6-bed medical facility focuses on giving primary and medical attention to patients.

So next time you become sick when vacationing or taking a trip to Laoag, there is really nothing to bbe worried about because you can rely on Laoag hospitals and health care to get you up and going again. However, just make sure to always check the clinic hours of each hospital.

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