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Shark Diving in Malapascua Island

Shark Diving in Malapascua Island

Malapascua Island is a famous diving site where the thresher sharks can be seen. These thresher sharks are elusive. They are part of the Mackerel Shark family. The Monad Shoal is a seamount in the waters of Malapascua Island where the thresher sharks arrive every dawn to be cleansed by wrasse.

Malapascua Island is located near the Island of Cebu in the Philippines. To go to Malapascua Island, fly to Mactan International Airport in Cebu and you will be picked up by a diver center representative. You will travel by minibus and boat going to Malapascua Island.

The best time to go shark diving in Malapascua Island is during the winter months. The dive resorts in Malapascua Island have hosted divers from all over the world including underwater photographers and film crews.

The thresher sharks are the main diving attraction in Malapascua Island. They will truly give you an adrenaline rush. But while diving, you can never ignore the biodiversity and richness of the soft corals in Malapascua Island.

The first dive resort in Malapascua Island was started by Dik de Boer and his wife in 1997. With the local fishermen’s help, two Japanese WW2 shipwrecks were found in addition to the already beautiful dive site of Malapascua Island. The Exotic Dive Resort that Dik established has a selection of thresher sharks, reef dives, and wreck dives.

Dik, with the help of the locals in Malapascua Island, created an artificial reef called House Reef. The House Reef is placed at the depth of 12 meters in the sandy seafloor of Malapascua Island. A wide variety of marine life made their home in the House Reef, which gives a beautiful view to the divers.

A number of small islands surrounding Malapascua Island also offer great views for divers. The Gato Island is a rocky island that is about 50 minutes away by boat from Malapascua Island. The Gato Island is rich with many nudibranchs in various forms and shapes. The soft coral canyons of the Gato Island are the home of these unusual and rare nudibranchs.

The Gato Island near Malapascua Island also has a Sea Snake and Marine Life Sanctuary. Diving within the three to five-meter depth, you can encounter the various juvenile sea snakes hanging out. The Gato Island also has a cave where reef sharks usually make shelter. This cave leads to the center of Gato Island.

Another island near Malapascua Island is the Tapilon Island. The Tapilon Island is a prime site for wreck diving. A Japanese shipwreck is found at about 29 meters off Tapilon Island. A lot of black coral trees, plenty of small barracuda, the elusive ghost pipefish, and a lot more.

Malapascua Island is indeed a great diving site. This is the dive spot where you can do shark diving, wreck diving, and reef diving almost simultaneously.

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  1. hi there,
    i’m plannning to go to Malapascua for diving end of this month. which resorts would you recommend apart from Exotic Resort?

    there are a lot of dive shops in the island. which one would you recommend for me?
    i know at least there are 2 big dive shops: Exotic and Tresher Shark Divers. what are the differences between these two?

    looking forward to hearing from u soon. thanks heaps! 🙂

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