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Top Davao Restaurants – The Great Food Trip

Top Davao Restaurants – The Great Food Trip

Davao City’s greatest lure to travelers is its relatively calm and peaceful atmosphere and extra-friendly local residents. Being the largest city in South East Asia (when it comes to land area, that is), one wouldn’t be surprised at the many opportunities for a first-time and seasoned island-hopper to discover and rediscover all the aesthetic and social treasures Davao has to offer. And when it comes to unique food offerings to sate the hungry traveler’s stomach, Davao Restaurants are always there to fill any craving.

Because the city is abundant in land and sea produce, any food aficionado will not be left wanting. In fact, Davao Restaurants offer just about any kind of dish your mind can conjure, from the most basic of dishes, to the most exotic. Any visit to this ‘Land Of Promise’ would not be complete without a quick tour of Davao Restaurants.


For instance, no Davao tour would be complete without a stopover at the Harana Family Restaurant in Torres St. Having started in the early 1980s and still standing to this day, the Lizada family-owned Harana is already considered an institution among Davao Restaurants. Serving the tastiest of Filipino food, Harana is more than just a local restaurant. It is actually one of the few remaining witnesses to how Davao has grown from a small and unrecognized city to the striking metropolis it is now.

Jack’s Ridge

If a view of the city is what you’re looking for, nothing beats having dinner at Jack’s Ridge, which sits atop the Shrine Hills in Matina. Jack’s Ridge, although a lot newer than Harana, is also considered one of the must-go Davao Restaurants because of the unique view it offers. The menu is fairly-priced, with a full barbecue meal ranging from Php45 to Php70 per person. Getting there can be a bit tricky, though, as public transport does not easily reach it. However, Jack’s Ridge offers shuttle services from the main Matina highway and back.

Davao Dencia’s

Should you crave extraordinary Chinese food, get yourself served at Davao Dencia’s Restaurant, which is equally as old or even older than Harana. While Dencia’s from the outside looks like any of the usual Davao restaurant’s, prepare to have your mind changed once you get a taste of its food. Its bestsellers are the Pancit Canton Con Chopsuey, Tokwa’t Baboy, and Fresh/Fried Lumpia. You will not be able to see Tokway’t Baboy served the way Dencia’s does it anywhere else. Prices are also very affordable. Php300 can easily feed a family of five.

The abundance of food in the city only entails that there are more Davao restaurants that deserve to be given special attention. But for those who just want to say that they’ve really been to Davao, the three mentioned here should be on every traveler’s eating watch list.
With the growing number of visitors coming in as the city continues to grow and boom, it’s not likely that Davao Restaurants will diminish in quality and number. It’s up to you, then, to experience them yourself.

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  1. carlo castronuevo

    Can you recommend us a Restaurant in Davao City that is classy, affordable, and can hold press conferences?
    Preferably Filipino or Continental cuisine will do.

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