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Philippines Travel Agents

Philippines Travel Agents

People’s Champion: Emmanuel ‘Manny The PACMAN’ Pacquaio

Emmanuel ‘Manny The PACMAN’ Pacquiao has been the modern hero for the Filipinos as a nation. Bagging seven world titles in the field of world boxing scenario definitely makes Filipinos proud of its race. Nonetheless, throughout the history, Filipinos (citizens of the Philippines) have been involved in physical activities such as sports. Nowadays, other than boxing, various pastimes and sports are trendy in the Philippines such as ‘sipa’, chess, ten-pin bowling, taekwondo, badminton, football, volleyball and of course basketball. Outdoor sports and off and on the road sports are getting popularity as well like mountaineering, cycling and motocross. Among the said sports, basketball is considered as the most popular pastime or sports for majority of the Filipinos. It has something to do with the influence of the Americans as they colonized the country in the 1900’s. The Philippine Basketball Association or the PBA has been regarded as the first professional basketball institution in Asia and the manifestation of how the Filipinos love the game.

A League of Their Own

However, before these Western sporting activities entered the Filipino culture or psyche, there were already noted Filipino traditional games that had been considered the pastimes of the ancient Filipinos. These games or activities had been popular most especially for the youth. ‘Luksong Baka’ and ‘Luksong Tinik’ could test leaping ability by jumping over hurdles that go higher as the game progresses. ‘Piko’ tests players’ accuracy as they try to hit a stone in a given distance using another stone termed as the ‘pato’. Defense, speed, agility and being strategic are tested every time ‘Patintero’ is being played. ‘Patintero’ is played with the ‘it’ team (defensive team) and tries to defend the ‘court’ by ‘tagging’ any body part of the offensive team to make them the ‘it’ team. If the offensive team avoided any ‘tagging’ from the defending team and finished the hurdles, a point would be awarded. Another notable traditional game is ‘Sungka’. According to some accounts, instead of seashells, precious stone gems or pearls were being used to play ‘Sungka’.

Knowing the Filipino Culture

The cultural heritage of the Philippines could be read on history books and write ups. Nonetheless, experiencing this cultural heritage is more than reading accounts and seeing lovely pictures. It is all about being a part of it by visiting or having a tour at the Philippines. Arranging, booking and gathering some information regarding Philippines is just a few clicks away. Since eco-tourism is being promoted, a lot of travel agencies could help tourists with their traveling and touring needs. Everything is made possible by the power of the World Wide Web or the internet nowadays.

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