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The Myth of the Banana Plant

The Myth of the Banana Plant

The banana fruit is one of the favorite tropical fruits in the Philippines. Its luscious meat is healthy and enjoyable to munch. How did the plant originate according to myths?

According to a myth, there was a couple named Martha and Pedro. Their daughter was Selya. The myth says Selya was so beautiful people in their place admired her so much. She was also kind hearted and good mannered. The myth adds that obedience and thoughtfulness was always seen in the way she treated her parents.

The couple was over protective with Selya. They feared that someday, somebody would take her away from them. The myth says, they always guarded the young woman, and tried to discourage any guy who even came near her. But unknown to the couple, Selya met a young, tall man named Aging. According to the myth, being a farmer like Selya’s father, the arms of the man were roughened by the sun from tilling the rice fields. But the myth says Selya’s parents were against Aging.

Although Selya did not mean to disobey, the myth says, the girl decided to make good friends with Aging. Every afternoon before sunset, Aging would secretly meet Selya by the well near the house. According to the myth, their meeting continued for months unseen by anyone .They enjoyed each other’s company and soon fell for each other.

The myth further says, that Selya’s mother left the house one afternoon to go to town. They were so engrossed with each other that they didn’t realize Selya’s father would be coming home soon. They talked of a lot of things. The myth says the father, while still some distance away from home, saw Aging and Selya leaning against the window. The myth continues that the father burst with wrath and ran to the house to swing a sharp bolo at the young man. Aging was hit on the arm. Consequently, his arm was cut off and fell to the ground.

The myth adds, Aging was shocked and run away. Selya went out and carefully picked up Aging’s lifeless arm and buried it in the backyard. The next morning Selya noticed a strange plant that seemed showing itself off. Its trunk was tall, it had green leaves, and its yellow fruits were shaped like clusters of fingers. Since then, the plant has been called “Saging” or banana.

This Philippine myth on the banana plant shows us that true love only grows further, the more it is opposed.

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