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Cebu Travel Agents

Cebu Travel Agents

Cebu City: Ace of the Visayas Region

The City of Cebu has been regarded and known as the Queen City of the South in the Philippines. The city has been considered as the Second Capital of the Philippines (next to the Metropolitan Manila). Its promising and growing industry in making furniture, dubbed Cebu as the furniture capital of the Philippines. This type of industry is advantageous for medium and small entrepreneurs and they are the reasons why the local government supports and encourages this furniture-making venture.

Festivals and Trademarks

Whenever the word ‘Sinulog’ comes into scenario-it is definitely a highlight in the City of Cebu or moreover, of the Cebu Island itself. The reason for this great feast is to honor one of the patrons of Cebu-the Señor Niño de Cebu or the Lord Holy Child of Cebu (the other patron, actually a patroness is the Our Lady of Guadalupe, but the Señor Niño had been more recognized). The feast is also a commemoration for the Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese explorer when he arrived in the Philippines. The festivity is defined by procession and a ‘Mardi Gras’-themed parade. Another related celebration is the ‘Kadaugan sa Mactan’ which is an annual reenactment of the historical encounter between the soldiers of Ferdinand Magellan and the territorial army of Datu Lapu Lapu. This commemoration is held every twenty-seventh of April at Punta Engaño. Since Catholicism had left a dent in the island itself, almost all festivities are religious in nature-indeed very Christian.

Getting around the City of Cebu

Cebu City would never be considered as the Queen City of the South if there is no established means of transportation for tourists and visitors to roam the wonderful city. Round the clock or the whole day and night, the Philippines’ Kings of the Road-the Jeepneys are very available. These colorful modes of transportation can convey or carry visitors around all they have to do is just say the location. They can be seen, literally, on all sides of the main roads and streets. Bus is another mode of transportation in Cebu City. Of course, for those who could pay for a more comfortable ride, taxis are also available for transportation needs. As a tip, always ask or insist on a metered fare basis. Almost all taxi trips or ride around the city would just cost more or less a hundred Philippine Peso (around two dollars the least). Expect that taxi drivers may ask for deals other than the metered fare, especially for tourists, but if the price is ‘not right’ and more than what should be paid feel free to report them to local authorities.

Travels and Tours Agency

As one of the most progressive cities in the Philippines, especially in the Visayas Region, Cebu City local government sees to it that all who are interested in going and staying would be well accommodated. There are a lot of travel agencies that cater tourists and visitors that are based in Cebu City. One of them is the Alenter Tours and Travel Corporation which is located at N. Escario St., in the city of Bohol. Adventure International Tours also provide quality services in terms of accommodation and itinerary. Located at C. Rosal St., also in Cebu City, Adams Express Travel also caters the same quality services regarding tourists’ accommodation and program.

Cebu City is hailed as the second capital of the Philippines for nothing. The city’s economic stability has been its reputation and asset why tourists visit this island for business and leisure. Cebu City is simply one of the best.

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