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Dumaguete Hotels and Resorts

Dumaguete Hotels and Resorts


There’s just something about Dumaguete that draws thousands of tourists to this Philippine destination every year and one of the reasons is that it sets the mood for a holiday that brings us closer to nature. However, when we’re on holiday, it’s not just the tourist areas that we want to see, we also want to stay at a resort that will help us make the most out of our vacation and will make us feel that we are right at home. Dumaguete hotels that have the right facilities and the most cordial staff can contribute a big deal to making our vacation a great one.

Thalatta Beach Resort

Divers who are in Dumaguete to experience the rich flora and fauna as well as the diverse marine life can do so at the Thalatta Beach Resort which offers dive sessions at Apo Island. Aside from diving, this Dumaguete hotel also has equipment for several water sports such as snorkeling, jet skiing and kayaking and it has taken full advantage of the beauty of its location to give their guests a great time. Thalatta Beach Resort is fully committed to preserving the environment and has taken measures to minimize the impact of their presence to the natural wonder of their location. When at this Dumaguete hotel, one will notice that there is no other sound here except for the serene lapping of the waves and birds singing in the morning. The facilities of Thalatta Beach Resort include 2 restaurants, a bar, an Olympic-sized pool, a business center with Internet access, function rooms and a gym. The rooms at the Thalatta Beach Resort are very well maintained and clean while the food served at the restaurant are just heavenly. The specialty at the restaurant of this Dumaguete hotel is the seafood which is always fresh and cooked best Asian style. Room rates at the Thalatta Beach Resort start at Php 2,500.

Dumaguete Springs Beach Resort

The Dumaguete Springs Beach Resort is a very relaxing destination and the rooms at this Dumaguete hotel is surrounded by well maintained gardens that add to the peaceful atmosphere. The Dumaguete Springs Beach Resort is owned by an Austrian citizen who saw the potential of its location and went ahead to develop one of the modern and spacious Dumaguete hotels. Since Dumaguete Springs Beach Resort is also relatively near Apo Island, one can get in touch with reception for any diving, snorkeling or kayaking inquiries. The staff of Dumaguete Springs Beach Resort is very warm and they make it a point to add a personal touch to everything. This Dumaguete hotel also has a pool where one can do a couple of laps to start the day off. The restaurant of Dumaguete Springs Beach Resort serves a great buffet for an affordable price and the rooms are always very clean and there is more than enough space for two people.

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