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Boracay Sightseeing Guide

Boracay Sightseeing Guide

The most visited island in the Philippines is probably the island of Boracay located in Aklan, Philippines. Boracay is a popular travel destination for both young and old because it is easily accessible and it is the party and spa destination of the Philippines. Let us take you around this island of fun and relaxation with the Boracay Sightseeing Guide.

In order for us to take a better look at the island of Boracay, we need to visit the first spot in the Boracay Sightseeing Guide which is the Mount Luho. You can either trek or use a mountain bike to get to the summit of this mountain and then you can start planning for your next Boracay Sightseeing Guide destinations. From the summit of Mount Luho, you will be able to see the next spot on the Boracay Sightseeing Guide which is called the Dead Forest. The Dead Forest is an unofficial attraction that consists of a lake with dead trees in it.

From the Dead Forest, we will move on to the Bat Caves which is the next spot on the Boracay Sightseeing Guide. The Bat Caves cannot only be entered through trekking, but also through diving. This site makes a great dive as well as hike and the bat caves are numerous caves filled with sleeping bats above. There are only a few bat caves such as those in the entire Philippines, so enjoy the sight. There is yet another unique site to the Philippines located at the Bolabog Beach in Boracay which is the Boracay Butterfly Garden. This spot in the Boracay Sightseeing Guide is home to more than 200 species of colorful butterflies. There are also over 150 varieties of flora and fauna in the butterfly garden.

The Boracay Sightseeing Guide doesn’t just stop there, it continues with another famous spot in the Philippines which is the Puka Beach. The Puka Beach is named after the puka shells that can be found here en masse which are used for jewelries and other souvenirs. Collect your own puka shells or buy products from the nearby stalls. The next and probably the last spot of the Boracay Sightseeing Guide is a world class dive spot of the Philippines where you can see manta rays, sharks and sea snakes. This dive spot is called Yapak and consist of four separate world class dives for every possible diver level.

Boracay has indeed much more to offer than just parties and relaxation as you can see in this Boracay Sightseeing Guide. Visit this paradise island of the Philippines soon and enjoy the adventures and sites in one of the most popular islands in the Philippines.

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