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Laoag Hotel Guide

Laoag Hotel Guide

Ilocos Norte’s capital is Laoag. It is a fascinating city where tourists can stay in world class hotels. There are several sites and things you can do in Laoag and it is nice to rest and relax in some of Laoag’s best hotels.

1. Fort Ilocandia Resort Hotel – This hotel is just ten minutes away from the main aiport. They have two hundred sixty seven rooms. The design of this hotel is inspired by the architecture during the Spanish colonization.Laoag is also known for this kind of architecture especially with the old mansions.The hotel has different gardens and fountains as well which gives you a view of the Hispanic culture of Laoag. There are also many furnishings that give you the same appeal. Every room has a nice balcony giving the guest a view of the sea of China. Staying here will feel like having a vacation in a Castilian European hotel.

2. Palazzo de Laoag – This is a modern hotel. It has four levels with huge panels made of glass. This is situated in Paterno Street. The ambiance in this hotel is very cozy yet very stylish. This hotel is also good as a venue for big celebrtions or events. It has its own restaurant, a pool,cafe, disco bar and courtyards. Palazzo also has a trellis and an azotea in some special sections. This hotel has been frequented by Ilocanos who came from abroad and want to splurge in the Palazzo’s amenities and good service.

3. Badoc Island Resort– This is a resort and a hotel rated first class. It has a very cozy lobby and large spaces. This hotel is situated on the northwestern coast of the region. This is an ideal getaway from the city. They have all the amenities you can find in a hotel. This hotel also offers their guests the chance to enjoy the seas with surfing or snorkeling. This is the best place to relax in a place anyone can consider paradise.

4.Java Hotel – This hotel is found in Bacarra Road. This hotel is designed from the inspiration of a traditional Ilocano life. They offer the guests with tasty dishes from Ilocos. This is a good alternative to hotels that are designed with modern architecture. The design of this hotel is very Ilocano and FIlipino. This hotel has many amenities as well. They offer pool, coffee shop, a spacious lobby, convenience store,souvenir store,health club and a tennis court.

5. Northview Hotel – This is a hotel near the Narbo Road. This is a lodge with a modern desing. This hotel has many facilities including different banquet rooms, restaurant and a big parking space. Many locals held their wedding reception in this hotel. This is a good alternative if you find the price in other hotels too expensive.

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    Hi! my colleagues and I are planning to visit Pagudpud this coming April. Any suggesstions where we can stay at affordable price? Thanks. Hope to hear from you soon.

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