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Iloilo Restaurants

Iloilo Restaurants


Iloilo has always been considered as a gateway to Visayas and it is the economic hub of the western part of the region. Iloilo restaurants are among the outstanding and impressive places to dine at in the Philippines.

Kublai Khan’s Mongolian Restaurant

Shopping and dining does not have to be two separate activities in Iloilo since Robinson’s Place found on Ledesma Street is not only a mall of great finds, but it also has on the 3rd floor an authentic Mongolian Iloilo restaurant called Kublai Khan’s Mongolian Restaurant. Aside from the unique and mouth watering selections there are exciting dishes that one can try aside from this Iloilo restaurant’s specialties. The environment of Kublai Khan’s Mongolian Restaurant is very lively and cozy at the same time and the delicious smell that emanates will surely have one’s mouth watering. For those who are really hungry, the Kublai Khan’s Mongolian Restaurant has a Fill-All-You-Can Bowl which is similar to a buffet and allows one to try the different dishes offered by this Iloilo restaurant. For an Eat-All-You-Can, Kublai Khan’s Mongolian Restaurant is very affordable with prices ranging from Php 200 to Php 300 per head. If one isn’t too hungry though, there are smaller ala carte dishes that one can choose from. Aside from the usual lunch and dinner crowd that this Iloilo restaurant caters to, tea time or what the Filipinos call as “merienda” is also something to look forward to especially with the Emperor’s Merienda which is a filling meal.

Numtah Bar and Restaurant

If one isn’t too keen on Mongolian and the Kublai Khan’s Mongolian Restaurant and one is craving for European dishes, Numtah Bar and Restaurant is a good choice. This Iloilo restaurant isn’t in the mall but it is easy to find and it’s just in La Paz, Iloilo City. Italian delicacies are the specialty of Numtah Bar and Restaurant and dining here is an interesting mix of a laid back atmosphere but with topnotch facility. This Iloilo restaurant also serves a couple of Filipino dishes which are just as good as their European ones. Aside from the good food at Numtah Bar and Restaurant this is also a good venue for family gatherings and celebrations with several private dining areas to accommodate more than one event in a day. Prices at the Numtah Bar and Restaurant range from Php 200 to Php 500 but considering that what this Iloilo restaurant serves are delicacies, this is very affordable. The Numtah Bar and Restaurant is also a good place to grab a couple of drinks with friends at night.

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