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Philippines Personal Blogs

Philippines Personal Blogs

Ever since my ‘rationality’ started to work, I had noticed that the wave of having a better chance of survival in life, moreover, a better kind of lifestyle was one or both parents needed to go and work outside the Philippines. My feeble mind always conditioned me that it was practical, but then I was aware that it has its repercussions or consequences. After having a sense of maturity, I guessed I was right in a way. Lack of presence from a parent or both parents had taken its toll on their child or children. I had a lot of classmates that had some issues identifying themselves as they grow. Not that they were confused of their gender, but it was more of being held responsible of what they should do. I was really thankful that in my school our support system was very compassionate of those who needed assistance. Unfortunately, not all of us have the same chance to have this kind of treatment.

Philippines: Aiming for Economic Stability

At a young age, I believed that money should definitely a problem, but I was conscious that money was, is and would always be a big part or a major factor of life. The drive of consumerism and ‘compound interest’ had played its role making life in a higher notch and at the same time complicated (the great scientist was right about compound interest!) As for me, I did see the potentiality of the Philippines in terms of economic growth.

BPO or Business Process Outsourcing

We are aware that there is an economic crunch going on for past few years in the international market. Those companies which had foreseen the crisis in advance had entered business process outsourcing line in doing commerce. It involved tapping potential human resources offshore and paying a lower labor cost and that made the difference in terms of survival in the world market. Philippines had been one of the countries chosen because of its competency in terms of talent and skills. Multitasking had been the greatest talent or skill a Filipino possess. Call centers companies thrive in the Philippines because of hardworking and dedicated ‘Pinoys’ (Filipinos) who know what they are doing. Whether it would be a technical and communication skill, we Filipinos have it! This is actually the reason why I seem not be attractive with the lucrative offers working outside this country. I really value the presence and importance of my family.

Filipino Family

Filipinos are very family oriented. We value the importance family lineage. Recognizing this culture, the individual’s formation, maturity and personal growth greatly depends on the exposure he or she has on his or her formative years. If this has been everybody’s concern, I am really positive that Philippines would definitely be economically competitive in no time and it is all because of talented individuals from families who give importance to moral values.

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