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Laoag Restaurants

Laoag Restaurants

Laoag City in Ilocos Norte is one of the prides of the northern Philippines. It has a pretty rich culture coupled with a priceless historical value and a nice taste for good food. There are many local dishes that are served in Laoag restaurants that are famous in the whole province. Bagnet or fried pork rind is one of the most popular and it is best served with good company against the cozy ambience of the beautiful city. There’s also Pinakbet, which is a mix of vegetables like squash, eggplant, string beans, and bittermelon served in a tasty sauce. Higado is another favorite meat dish among Ilocanos and their visitors.

Dining along Laoag restaurants is like a trip to the richness of the city. You will not only get utmost gastronomic pleasure while doing so. You will also enjoy the casual ambience that is always perfect for wonderful conversations and pleasant companies.

Macy’s Diner – This Laoag restaurant combines the goodness of Filipino and American cuisine in such an exciting mix. Filipino favorites like Siopao and Palabok can be served alongside fries and tacos and club sandwiches. If you think the menu is interesting enough, wait until you see how the restaurant is designed. There are neon lights, black and white tiles, and leather seats all around. [Gen. Segundo Ave. cor. M.H. del Pilar, Laoag]

La Preciosa Restaurant – Fine dining is always welcome to any unknowing tourist who likes to feel at home with the city he visits. In this part of northern Philippines, fine dining is all about La Preciosa restaurant. It serves Filipino lifestyle with every plate. Make sure that you try the Bagnet, Pinakbet, Poqui-Poqui, and Pansit Molo because it will be a crime not to. La Preciosa is one of the finest Laoag restaurants that you should never leave out on your must-visit list. [Rizal Street, Laoag; (6377) 773 1162, (6377) 773 2159]

Max’s Restaurant – This popular chain serves familiar Filipino meals in an almost but not quite fastfood setting. The chicken is a must-try as well as the sumptuous food fare of Filipino favorites like Kare-Kare, Sinigang na Hipon, Crispy Pata, and Bicol Express. What’s more, eating at Max’s gives your money real good value. The food is reasonably priced and you do not have to chunk fortune for a gastronomic delight. [General Segundo Avenue, Laoag City; (6377) 607 0233]

Eagle’s Nest Br and Restaurant – There are not too many places to stay in Laoag. Fortunately, the few that are available made sure that they have an amazing eating facility on board. This food hub, located at the Java Hotel, is a pretty goo example. It houses a fusion of Japanese, American, and Filipino cuisines. [http://www.javahotel.com.ph; javahotel@gmail.com; Java Hotel, Bacarra Road, Brgy. 55-B Salet, Laoag; (6377) 770 5996 to 97]

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