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Nature Adventure at Mt. Isarog National Park

Nature Adventure at Mt. Isarog National Park

Mt. Isarog is a stratovolcano and is 1,966 meters above sea level. Located in Camarines Sur, Philippines, Mt. Isarog is considered as Southern Luzon’s highest forested peak. This is the site of Mt. Isarog National Park. Six municipalities and a city have territorial jurisdiction of Mt. Isarog National Park. These are Calabanga, Tinambac, Ocampo, Tigaon, Goa, Pili, and Naga City.

Mountain climbers and backpackers will enjoy trekking on Mt. Isarog’s slopes for a nature adventure. The best time to visit Mt. Isarog National Park is during the dry months of January to April. The temperature may be hot in the lowlands but it is cold and refreshing up in mountain’s forest.

Going to Mt. Isarog National Park’s summit is an eight to ten hour hike from Barangay Penicuason. This Penicuason trail leads to six campsites situated at various elevations. Bringing your own drinking water up to Camp One is a must. The clean streams and refreshing waterfalls can be the source of the hiker’s drinking water for the trip from Camp One going up to Camp Six.

Mt. Isarog National Park is furnished by nature with many natural waterfalls and springs. The Malabsay Waterfalls is located near Mt. Isarog National Park’s entrance. Here, visitors can go swimming and have picnics with friends and family. The Nabuntulan Spring is not far from Malabsay Waterfalls.

The Magragobrob Waterfalls is found inside Mt. Isarog’s crater on the Goa side of Mt. Isarog National Park. A 40-meter waterfall that emanates sulfuric waters down to Rangas River. Hikers usually rest here. The Hiwacloy Sulfur Springs is found here where the warm sulfuric water is locally believed to cure minor ailments and skin diseases.

On the Tigaon side of Mt. Isarog National Park, the Bulalacao and Tumaguiti waterfalls and four other smaller waterfalls are situated. The Consocep Mountain Resort maintains the said waterfalls for rest and recreation.

There are other interesting places to visit in Mt. Isarog National Park. The World War II Tunnels along Pili and Ocampo that were constructed by the Japanese soldiers brings an eerie chill. The Deer Farm in Barangay Consocep keeps five species of Australian deer. The Butterfly Farm in Pili that take care of a wide classification of butterflies and flowers.

Mt. Isarog National Park has an entrance fee of P5.00 for Filipinos and 10 USD for foreigners. Staying overnight in Mt. Isarog National Park is allowed within the Protected Area Office. Food and accommodations are always available at the foot of Mt. Isarog where pension houses, hotels, and inns are everywhere.

If you travel by air, you’ll have a 45-minute flight to Pili Airport from Manila. You then make a 30-minute drive to Naga City. It’s a 10 to 12-hour ride to Naga City by bus from Manila.


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