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For Locals, Expats and tourists in the Philippines.
Philippine Expats: Living in the Philippines

Philippine Expats: Living in the Philippines

If you are of retirement age and wondering what to do and where to live when you retire, consider moving to the Philippines. This beautiful tropical country is one of the best kept secrets in the world, as every expat living there will tell you. Some of the benefits of living as an expat in the Philippines include:
– Hospitality. Filipinos are as warm and friendly as the Philippine climate. They are fascinated by the Americans and other foreigners who visit or live in their country and always make them feel welcome. Everyone smiles at you and treats you like royalty. And since Filipinos speak English, it’s easy to strike up a conversation with anyone. You will make friends quickly! One trip is enough to convince many tourists of this fact and keeps them coming back for more. Filipinos are so kind and hospitable that you will definitely miss it all when you go back home.
– Low Cost of Living. Cost of expat living is very cheap. With a modest income (by western standards) you can live like a rich man in a nice house with your own maids and driver (or use cheap taxi if you don’t have a car). Labor is ridiculously cheap as you will find when you need a plumber, electrician or carpenter to fix something in your house. That is unheard of in the US where it is better and cheaper to do the work yourself.
– Romance. If you are looking for love and marriage, you cannot find a better place for that than the Philippines. Love in a tropical paradise is no mere fantasy; it can become a reality for an expat living there. The exotic beauty and allure of Filipinas is no myth; it’s real as you will find for yourself. Filipinas make beautiful, loyal and devoted wives. Every expat living in the country with a local wife will swear up and down he is married to the nicest person in the world. Not only the women for that matter. Filipino men are romantic lovers who know how to respect a woman and make her feel like a queen. There’s something for everyone and you need never be lonely!
– Tourist’s Haven. The Philippines is a tourist’s dreamland. Beautiful beaches, hotels to fit all budgets, world-class shopping malls, diving resorts, and exciting night-life are just some of the things you can enjoy during your vacation. Another thing is medical tourism. If you need to have cosmetic surgery or heart bypass, get it in the Philippines. Medical costs are unbelievably cheaper than in western countries. What is more, the service provided by caring doctors and nurses is unparalleled.
These just some of the good things that an expat living in the Philippines enjoys. Why go into lonely retirement in your own country when there is a secret haven waiting for you?
Still not convinced? Ask any expat living in the Philippines. They will tell you!


  1. Steve (c3lt1957)

    Nicely put I must admit,
    I have been living in Surigao City for 12 months now & there is nowhere on earth I would rather be. I got so fed up with the escalting crime rate & the rat race in the UK ! Moving to the Philippines to be with my wife was the best move I have ever made.
    Steve (Taffy)

  2. John

    Hi, thanks for the information. Something that would be of great help would be a budget giving expats an idea of what one can live on. The basics would be housing [or apt. rental] electricity, Internet/cable, food, clothing, other utilities and would give us a good idea of whether we could afford living there. TIA

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