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Tagbilaran Government Sites

Tagbilaran Government Sites

The Gateway of Bohol

‘The City of Friendship’-this is the moniker of the wonderful city of Tagbilaran. The Institute for Solidarity in Asia considered Tagbilaran City as one of the eight (8) Philippine Dream Cities (along with Surugao City, Calbayog City, Naga City, Marikina City, Iloilo City, Cebu City, La Union City, San Fernando City and Samal City. The city’s economic stability and progress was recognized by the Asian Institute of Management Policy Center as being one of the ‘Most Competitive Cities in the Philippines’. These acknowledgments made Tagbilaran City one of the best cities in the Philippines for leisure and business.

Tourism in Tagbilaran City

The city of Tagbilaran has been the start-off to Bohol Island’s main attractions: aged stone churches, heritage sites, dive sports, white sand beaches, the Philippine Tarsiers sanctuary and the world-renowned Chocolate Hills. Eco-Tourism is one of the main economic drivers of the progressive island of Bohol. Literally speaking, the whole island is but a taste of paradise on earth. In order to maintain, upgrade and promote tourism in Bohol Island, the local government made sure that accommodations and means of transportation are provided. Aside from these wonderful spots, the island’s culture is being showcased through their colorful festivals (like the Sandugo Festival in Tagbilaran City which commemorates the Blood Compact between Datu Sikatuna and Miguel Lopez de Legazpi during mid-1500). Thus, history could definitely assert how friendly the first settlers or locals of this wonderful place were, since they were the first to welcome international diplomacy. This only proved how thankful and generous the Boholanos were with their place and wanted it to share with others.

Tagbilaran City, Bohol: Outlook to the Future

The city of Tagbilaran in the island of Bohol is one of the most progressive cities in the Philippines. Though Philippines is an archipelagic country (made up of many islands), access or getting through sea and air posts no problem or difficulty. Since tourism and business attract possible visitors and investors, the local government created an official website (http://www.tagbilaran.gov.ph) to access Bohol Island, especial the city of Tagbilaran online or through the World Wide Web.

The official website contains vital information, a glimpse of the wonders of the Bohol Island as a whole, interactive page wherein individuals could leave a message or remark and many more. With the help of the power of the internet, getting to know Tagbilaran City and the overall beauty of Bohol Island is definitely just a few clicks away.Tagbilaran City has been regarded as the gateway to the wonderful island of Bohol. Being a City of Friendship is highlighted annually by the Sandugo Festival-a commemoration of the first international pact the locals made during the 1500’s with Spain.

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